10 lakh government jobs, permanent job for teachers in first cabinet meeting

On Saturday, the Election Manifesto was released (resolution letter) in the Grand Alliance regarding the Bihar Assembly elections. On this occasion, besides RJD Chief Ministerial candidate Tejashwi Yadav, all the prominent leaders of the alliance’s constituents were present. Issuing the manifesto, Tejashwi Yadav said that not a single food processing center was opened in the state. The biggest emphasis in the Grand Alliance manifesto is to remove unemployment. Tejashwi Yadav once again reiterated that if he comes to the government, the first decision from his pen will be that 10 lakh unemployed will be given solid government jobs. He said that all the people are saying from where 10 lakh jobs will come. Four lakh jobs are vacant in the Bihar government itself. These jobs are in the Education Department and the Police Department.

On this occasion, Congress leader Randeep Surjewala said that this election is for new faith versus Hindu-Muslim. Nitish Kumar and Sushil Kumar Modi have hit Bihar’s back. Bihar can accept everything but not cheat.

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Highlights of the Grand Alliance Resolution letter:
1. Will give 10 lakh permanent jobs as soon as coming to power. This decision will be taken in the very first meeting of the government to be formed.

2. No application fee will be charged from students for reinstatement in government job.

3. Karpoori Shramveer Support Center will be built in the state. Where the migrant and his family will get help from the Bihar government during any disaster.

4. Under MNREGA, provision of work per person instead of per family, guarantee of minimum wage and 100 to 200 days of working day will be made. Urban employment scheme will also be made on the lines of MNREGA.

5. The policy of equal work will be implemented by abolishing the contractual practice and making the employed teachers permanent. Privatization will be done in all departments. Also, permanent and regular jobs will be arranged.

6. The new contributory pension scheme implemented in the state from the year 2005 will be discontinued and the old pension scheme will be implemented like before.

7. Expansion in the rights of executive assistants, numeric volunteers, librarians, Anganwadi servants and assistants, hope workers, mid-day kitchen workers, villagers, doctors, livelihoods and sisters. It will be started by doubling the existing honorarium of ASHA workers, Anganwadi servants and assistants, slaughtermen and providing regular salary / jobs to livelihoods.

8. Career The cadre of Self Help Group will be fixed. The honorarium of the current rate of sustenance cadre will be doubled. All cadres will get an honorarium of at least Rs 4000 per month. Jeevika Self Help Group will be topped up from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh as loan. Currently it is one to two lakh rupees.

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9. Other industries in Bihar, including closed sugar mill, jute mill, paper mill, will be restarted. Food Processing Industries, Industry Specific Clusters, Food Parks, Food Processing Units, IT Parks, Special Economic Zones (SEZs) of the construction sector will be constructed near each market.

10. Immediate and long-term policies and measures will be implemented for flood control, water management and rehabilitation of flood victims.

11. To pass a law from Bihar Legislative Assembly that can thwart the three anti-farmer laws of the Central Government in Bihar. Under this law, government procurement is guaranteed in the mandis of the state at one and a half times the cost price of the crops of crops, establishment of procurement centers in every panchayat.

12. Farmers’ debts will be forgiven. Agricultural land rent will be waived. Providing loans, electricity, water, fertilizers, BJ etc. to farmers including farmers at a cheap rate.

13. Super specialty hospitals will be built in all the divisions. Dialysis centers will be opened in Sadar Hospital of every district, in which the poor will get free dialysis facilities.

14. Spending 12 percent of the state budget on education, guaranteeing one teacher for every 30 students in primary schools and one teacher for every 35 students in secondary schools. Provision of permanent jobs and proper and regular training to teachers.

15. Appointment of teacher of fine arts, computers and games in all schools. For the SC / ST students of Ambedkar Hostel, Kasturba Schools, to issue white papers on other schools and hostels within six months, on the basis of which their infrastructure and facilities can be repaired.

16. Repair of basic structure of university and college, regularization of academic session and examination will be done in a time bound manner. The problems of employees of disbursed colleges will be meaningfully diagnosed.

17. Our first priority will be to free the bureaucracy from political control. A merit-based SOP will be prepared for the transfer process, with special attention to performance, departmental evaluation and performance.

18. Current electricity rates in Bihar will be reduced. In a poor state like Bihar, electricity is being sold at almost the most expensive rate. People will be given relief by changing this anti-people policy.

19. Clean drinking water, electricity and pucca road will be ensured in every village / hamlet and every house. Every poor will be provided a house under the proposed Ambedkar Awas Yojana.

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