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11-Year-Old In Tripura Carries Girl On Back To Save Her From Kidnapper

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The 11-year-old girl showed exemplary courage and alertness in save the child. (Representational)


An 11-year-old girl has showed exemplary courage and alertness to save a child who was being allegedly kidnapped for trafficking by a woman in Mizoram, the police said on Thursday.

The child was playing with her friends near her home when an unknown girl joined them. She did not give it much of a thought at that time. The next day, policemen in plainclothes visited the area in search of a girl who had gone missing from a village in Lunglei district.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Lalbiakthanga Khiangte said police showed the 11-year-old a photograph of the missing girl and she said she had seen her. After being asked by the police to inform them if she saw the girl again, she went to look for the girl on her own.

The 11-year-old finally the found girl and her alleged kidnapped at a house. The woman tried to send her away but she waited. Sensing an opportunity, she lifted the girl on her back and started running towards her home, the police said.

When the woman saw them, she ordered them to stop and even threatened to throw stones at them. The girl continued running. On reaching home, narrated the entire episode to her parents, who informed the police.

The woman has been sent to custody for 14 days.

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