A polling station where voters will go to vote by swimming in water

Sunita Singh, Gopalganj
Assembly elections in Gopalganj, Bihar (Bihar Assembly Elections 2020) Is in the second phase, that is, there will be voting on November 3. But due to the floods in the district, the voters as well as the poll workers will also face a lot of trouble on the day of voting. Actually, the Saran embankment was broken twice in Gopalganj. Due to which flood water has still accumulated in many areas of Barauli, Sindhwalia and Baikunthpur blocks. There is one such polling station where voters who come to vote here may face some difficulty due to water logging.

Gopalganj: Hall of polling station of Baikunthpur assembly constituency
We are talking about the polling booth of Baikunthpur Assembly where the flood water has stopped for the last two and a half months. To come here, teachers are forced to swim every day. Sherwal Primary School School in Sidhwalia Block has been made a polling station in Baikunthpur Assembly Election. This is polling station number 10, where voting has been held for the last two times.

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Situation worsened due to flood twice, water is still stored
This time, Gopalganj has suffered twice the flood tragedy, due to which the flood water is still spread around this school. According to the principal in-charge of Primary Girls School, Umesh Kumar, this school was already closed because of Corona. However, due to the flood, the teachers here have to travel for several kilometers either by running water or swimming, then they reach this school.

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Increased difficulty of school staff, schools come in water
All the teachers posted here also have to walk in the water. Polling stations have also been set up here in the assembly elections, but the biggest problem is where will the voters stand. Where will the polling staff sit and conduct the polling. In this case, DM Arshad Aziz says that many such booths are being identified to conduct polling, where communication will be a big problem. It is being considered.



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