Add Your Profile | Public Relation (PR) & Advertising is an Entertainment Hub which provides the latest news articles from Hollywood and Bollywood Industry. Our website is focused to provide Biography of Famous people in any specific field. Therefore, we are glad to inform you, Veekeez will love to add your profile to boost your public relations (PR).

? You must be a famous person in any field.

? Your name should have appeared in any famous News website’s post or Newspaper (Send us URL of that news article or image of the newspaper).

? You need to provide your information and images which you want to put in your Veekeez’s profile.

? You need to send a scanned copy of your ID Proof (with face picture) to verify your profile.

?The price for Creating & Adding a user Profile on our site is $99 USD + Taxes.

If you qualify the criteria, you can send us an email at

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