Ananya Birla Slams US Restaurant For Racist Behaviour Towards Family; Twitter Is Shocked


  • Ananya Birla is a singer and songwriter
  • Ananya Birla took to twitter to call out a US restaurant for racism
  • The restaurant is yet to respond to the claims

Singer-Songwriter Ananya Birla took to Twitter on Sunday to call out a popular Italian restaurant at the US for their inhospitable behaviour towards her and family who has stepped out to dine together. She wrote that the restaurant’s behaviour was racist and “not okay” and that they need to learn how to behave with their customers. “Literally threw my family and I, out of their premises. So racist. So sad”, she wrote in her tweet explaining the untoward incident.

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Her mother, an educationist and mental health activist Neerja Birla also expressed her displeasure on Twitter, “Very shocking ..absolutely ridiculous behaviour by @ScopaRestaurant. You have no right to treat any of your customers like this,” she wrote while re-tweeting her daughter’s tweet.


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Ananya Birla is the daughter of Aditya Birla Group Chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla, who also made it to Forbes List of India’s 10 richest billionaires in the year 2020.

While the restaurant has not yet responded to the claims made by the singer, the internet is aghast. Some of them are puzzled as to how the US restaurant could do something like this with such an illustrious family, others are disgruntled by the alleged discriminatory behaviour of the staff and are sharing their first-hand experiences with racism around the world. Here are some of the Twitter reactions.

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