Atma nirbhar bihar poster girl shanti priya: BSP gave a big blow to BJP-JDU in Bihar elections, self-reliant Bihar's poster girl Shanti Priya revenge shanti priya brought up

Shanti Priya, who wore a sari in the Bihar assembly election campaign seeking votes for BJP and JDU, has switched sides before the third phase of voting. Shanti Priya has joined BSP. Apart from BJP’s promotional video, BJP’s manifesto, every poster and hoardings have a picture of Shanti Priya. Prior to the third phase of voting, Shanti Priya was seen seeking votes for the BSP candidate. It is considered a blow to the BJP’s self-sufficient Bihar slogan.

Shanti Priya, the poster girl of BJP and JDU (BJP-JDU), is now seeking votes for BSP candidate Ran Kaushal Pratap Singh alias Guddu Singh, contesting from Lauria assembly seat in West Champaran district. Shanti Priya says that she will work where she gets more respect. He said that he is an artist, so he is free to work with anyone.

Shanti Priya is herself getting grounded and seeking votes for Kaushal Pratap. Shanti Priya is seen wandering from village to village seeking votes. BJP has fielded Vinay Bihari on the Lauria assembly seat against Kaushal Pratap. Vijay Bihari is an artist himself, but his poster against his party’s poster girl against him remains a topic of discussion in the area.


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