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Actress Sneha Ullal has returned to the world of light camera action after a break. She will soon be seen in the Zee5’s web series Expiry Date. Sneha’s name has been continuously being associated with Bigg Boss 14 for the past few weeks. There were reports that she could be a part of Bigg Boss this time, but Sneha calls these reports a rumor. She says that she is not going to go to Bigg Boss.

She said “I am getting good offers in digital, so why should I go to show my personal life in Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss is my type of show too. I am not a public person. I am a private person. You must have noticed that I have never talked about my personal life in my career. How can I be comfortable being in front of the camera for 24 hours there.”

Talking about her relationship with Salman Khan, Sneha Ullal says that Salman is my first friend in this industry and always will be. Whenever I meet him or talk on the phone, he is not connected to work. Every relationship does not have an agenda. It is not at all the same with Saman. I do not discus all of them whether I have work or not. Friendship matters not work. There are many people who take out work or live with them for work.

Speaking on her upcoming plans, Sneha Ullal says that at the moment my focus is in acting and production. There are talks about many projects on digital and she herself is preparing to produce reality content for TV and digital as a producer.

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