Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Anitha Sampath Suresh Chakravarthy fight

In this season of Bigg Boss all contestants were told to share about all the events that happened in their lives in the task of ‘The Path Passed’. So all the contestants talked about many sad things that happened in their lives.

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Speaking today, Samyuktha trolled Meera Mithun indirectly, “I too have been in the modeling industry for many years, but I have never been told to be a super model,” she said. Hearing that, the other Bigg Boss contestants started laughing out loud. “The doctor does not always say super doctor, the engineer does not always say super engineer, but only the model can say super model,” Samyukta added.

Meera Mithun was a contestant on the Bigg Boss Tamil show last year. Fans will remember when she was already embroiled in a number of controversies at the Bigg Boss house and she caused some controversy by complaining about Cheran.

She has been doing various controversial things even after coming out of the Bigg Boss show. Netizens have been talking a lot on social media about her being featured in Big Boss 4, as she has often claimed that she is a super model.

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