Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Day 4 Promo Suresh vs Anitha

There has been some fighting and debate going on every day to the point of saying that Bigg Boss season 4 Tamil is in full swing in 1st week. Anitha Sampath for the last few days was fighting with Suresh Chakravarthy over a trivial issue.

Due to this issue Suresh Chakravarthy left the cooking team and switched to the bathroom cleaning team. It is noteworthy that Suresh Chakravarthy had a disagreement not only with Anita but also with Sanam Shetty who was in the cooking team. If we think that the problem was over after Suresh Chakraborty left, currently a new problem has erupted between Sanam Shetty and Rekha.

Rekha’s statement that ‘I don’t want to fight Sanam’ has been shown in the promo video today 9th October.

Ramya Pandian being the captain of the house pleads them not to argue over this trivial issue. Upon hearing this, Rekha angrily tells her, “I am the captain of the cooking team.”

So there is an argument going on between Ramya Pandian and Rekha as to who is the captain. ‘You’re the captain of the house, I’m the captain of the cooking team,’ says Rekha. Following this, Sanam hits her head for this problem. This is also shown in the promo video that has just come out.

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