Bihar Election 2020: Empty chairs in BJP rally, swell in stunning, what do these pictures say?

Leader Actual has stepped out of the virtual ground. Electoral meetings are now rigged in Bihar. The team of Navbharat was in Munger on Saturday. The rallies organized in two assembly constituencies of Munger district are covered. The Tarapur assembly constituency had RJD candidate Divya Prakash. At the same time, there was a rally of Bhupendra Yadav, Devendra Fadnavis and MP Lalan Singh for Pranab Yadav, BJP candidate from Munger assembly constituency. Stalwarts of BJP and JDU were present in this rally organized some distance away from Munger city. But Rangat was missing from the rally. The rallies were not as crowded as expected. A crowd of 1 thousand people, including children and elderly people, was also not present in the grounds. The chairs kept behind were empty. At the same time, most of the chairs were not opened. Only the people can tell the reason for not reaching the crowd. But those who were present there, it seemed that corona is no reason.

Modi masks children
At the same time, in order to fill the chairs at the rally venue, local leaders wore small children with Modi masks. Children were sitting there in a crowd wearing Modi masks. But there was no fear about Corona in anyone. Below, Munger MP from Lalan Singh was also sitting, but his eyes were not on the children sitting in the scorching sun. The children did not even know why he came here.

People were sitting on hives
Tejaswi’s supporters were sitting on the roof of houses built around the grounds to listen to him. People were seen sitting in the scorching sun for hours waiting for the stunning. Tejashwi arrived here late for about 2 hours ahead of schedule. After reaching here, he gave speeches for about 10 minutes. Also, he has again attacked the Nitish government on the issue of employment.

Massive crowd in Tejaswi’s rally
Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav had a rally in Tarapur, about 40 km from the venue. Tejashwi came here to seek votes for the grand alliance candidates. Thousands of crowd arrived here to listen to Tejashwi. People of all ages were present in this crowd. But the mask was not visible on anyone’s face. At the same time, social distancing was taking place.

What do these pictures say
There are 2 different pictures of both rallies. Local people say that Munger assembly seat is still in a thorn competition. At the same time, at the meeting of Tejaswi in Tarapur, people say that do not vote on it. Voting here is based on ethnicity. JDU has held this seat for years. The legislator from here is Mevalal Chaudhary. In such a situation, the circumstances change even at the last moment. Now on November 10, the public will decide whether this crowd turns into votes or not.


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