BJP will be reduced to 0 in Madhya Pradesh elections, Congress will get 28 seats, survey

Madhya Pradesh: Congress and BJP are beating the rhythm of victory for the assembly elections and are also predicting defeat for each other, where BJP says that Congress will not get even 1 seat, while Congress has also claimed BJP’s defeat .

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Madhya Pradesh Congress on Twitter handle predicts BJP’s defeat has created a stir in the political corridors, after voting in Madhya Pradesh on November 3, the results will be declared on November 10, the same day will be decided who will be in the election but before the results are political Leaders in the corridors are predicting results.

Whereas BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya had said recently that the list of 15 candidates released by the Congress is about to lose, the Congress will lose by 50-50 thousand votes in each assembly, while the Congress has also predicted BJP’s defeat in Madhya Pradesh. It has been written and tweeted on behalf of Congress.

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The latest survey raised the BJP’s chances of not winning even a single seat. The party tweeted that according to the survey, the Congress will cater to 28 BJP – 0 others – while in the second tweet, Congress wrote that when democracy is tarnished, the people themselves Comes and holds the front “People will win”.

Although it is not clear yet on which survey the Congress is presenting this data, but what the party has claimed has created panic in the political corridors, BJP’s heart has increased, so the BJP retaliated on the Congress tweet Have done

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The ruling party said that the Congress will not be able to get even half of what it has said, now the claims of victory between the two parties are getting louder but it will be known only on the day of the result that the party will sit.

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