Chargesheet trial started in two cases against Bahubali RJD candidate Anant Singh

Political enthusiasts are on the rise in Bihar Vidhan Sabha Chunav 2020. Meanwhile, going to contest assembly elections from Mokama on RJD ticket Bahubali MLA Anant Singh (RJD Candidate Anant Singh) Has been charged with two counts of seizure of illegal weapons. In this, one case is related to the AK-47 and the other case is found in the magazine of INSAS rifle. The ADJ-10 court of Patna on Thursday informed about the allegations against Anant Singh in two separate cases. Anant Singh denied the allegations during his court appearance on Thursday.

Bahubali Anant Singh may have difficulties
Bahabali Anant Singh has been charged under different sections of IPC, Arms Act and Explosive Substances Act. According to the information, a charge sheet was filed on behalf of Patna Police in both the cases. The entire case dates back to August 16, 2019, when the police team raided Anant Singh’s native village in Nadwan. During this action, AK-47s, hand grenades, 26 rounds of bullets and other items were recovered.

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Case related to seizure of AK-47 and INSAS rifle
The second case is of 2015, which is related to his official residence of the Secretariat. During raids at this residence, 6 magazines of INSAS rifle and bullet proof jacket were recovered. In this case too, the police had done a charge sheet. The prosecution in this case has been ordered to produce a witness on November 4.

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Anant Singh denied the allegations
On Thursday, MLA Anant Singh was produced in court from Beur Jail amidst tight security. After hearing the allegations, he was again sent to Beur Jail. During the hearing, Anant Singh categorically denied the allegations leveled against him. After this, the special judge of the court started the trial of both these cases.



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