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Dessert Recipe: Step-By-Step Guide To Make Ice-Cream Cake At Home



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  • Two desserts ice-cream and cake, combine to make this sweet treat
  • It is a layered cake of soft ice-cream, spongy cake and crumbly cookies
  • Here is an easy recipe of making this delightful cake

Of all the desserts around, cakes enjoy the most significant stature, as they symbolise and mark special occasions. It is almost a tradition to cut a cake and savour it to set off celebrations. A cake can be as novel as you want it to be. Have it in any flavour, in any shape and any size you like. One variation of cake that has caught the fancy of many people is – ice-cream cake. Two of the most-loved desserts – ice-cream and cake – combined into one hell of a sweet treat! Ice-cream cake hits the bull’s eye when you serve it at a gathering. It caters to multiple palates and you really need not arrange for ice-cream separately. 

You can never go wrong with a layered cake of soft ice-cream, spongy cake and crumbly cookies. And, when you can make it at home, why get it from the stores. Here, we deconstruct for you, the art of making this remarkable cake. And, don’t get baffled with the semantics we just implied, this no-bake cake is actually quite easy to make. 

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Make ice-cream cake at home with this easy recipe

How To Make Ice-Cream Cake –

1.     Let two ice-cream packs sit out in the room temperature for around 15 minutes, till they soften. 

2.     Refrigerate a flat pan (preferable a baking pan) for 10 minutes. Take it out and place a plastic wrap on it leaving its sides hanging out of the pan.

3.     Place a layer of cake loaf on it and smear it with a thick layer of ice-cream. Flatten it and spread it to cover the top of the cake with the help of a spatula.

4.      Crush 8-10 cookies/biscuits of your choice and spread it all over the ice-cream.

5.     Add another layer of ice-cream over the crumbled cookies.

6.     Top it with another layer of cake loaf and place the ice-cream cake in the freezer for a couple of hours, till it completely sets.

7.     Take out the cake, and with the help of the sides of the plastic wrap, remove the cake from the pan and carefully remove the wrap as well.

8.     You can add toppings of your choice to the cake – fresh fruits, fondant, whipped cream, cocoa dust, jelly or shredded coconut.

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Put your creativity into use and play with your instincts to make this ice-cream cake. You can use store-bought tea cake loaf or make one yourself. You can use ice-cream of any flavour of your choice. Just remember to work fast while making it so that the ice-cream doesn’t melt in the process.

When you can’t decide between a cake and an ice-cream to whet your sweet cravings, simply go for a divine ice-cream cake.

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