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Diabetes Diet: Here’s How You Can Add Low-Carb, Low-Cal Cucumber To Your Diet



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  • Cucumber is one of the foods that are great for handling diabetes
  • Cucumber can be eaten in a number of ways other than as a side dish
  • Here are some interesting ways you can include cucumber in your diet

A carefully curated healthy diet helps in a great way in dealing with chronic diseases like diabetes. The rate at which diabetes is afflicting people is rising by the day and calls for some pertinent solutions. Apart from medications, a diet rife with foods that help in lowering down the bloods sugar level is the ideal way to deal with the situation. Cucumber is one of the foods that make for a great addition to a diabetes diet. Cucumber is mostly water and has a low calorie count. It is high in fibre content that slows down the digestion of carbohydrates and sugar, thus preventing spikes in blood sugar. And, above all, it is a low-carb food, which is also the main pre-requisite to be a part of diabetes diet. Cucumber provides a cool and refreshing taste that makes it a delectable eat.

Here are some interesting ways you can include cucumber in your diabetes diet –

Cucumber Soup –

Cold soups are as nutritious as hot soups; in fact, they might be better as none of the foods are cooked on heat and they retain their nutritional properties. Blend cucumbers with onions, tomatoes, herbs and chicken stock and savour this delicious soup for dinner.

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Cucumber soup

Cucumber Raita –

Raita is a yogurt-based accompaniment that complements Indian meals perfectly. Instead or boondi or aloo, make cucumber raita instead by shredding the veggie and adding it to the whipped curd along with spices like salt, cumin powder and black pepper.

Cucumber Sandwich –

Put together a mixture of chopped cucumber, onions, tomatoes, and coriander leaves and stuff it inside bread toast for a hearty snack or breakfast option.

Cucumber Salad –

A salad is one of the healthiest meals we can eat. Cut cucumber into small pieces and add your favourite foods to make a delicious salad. Cucumber goes best with onions, boiled chickpeas, lettuce leaves and fruits like pomegranate or berries.

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Cucumber salad

Cucumber Noodles –

Replace the regular all-purpose (maida) noodles with cucumber. How, you ask? Peel the whole cucumber and spiralise it by cutting out thin, long strips of it that look just like noodle strands. Now proceed to make noodles like you always do and make your favourite Chinese meal healthier.

Only with a little bit of creativity, you can come up with more such ideas using cucumber as the prime ingredient.

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