Diabetes: This Comforting Methi-Moong Dal May Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Methi moong dal is a perfect balance of healthy and tasty.


  • Methi or fenugreek is a versatile winter veggie
  • It comes brimming with benefits including its ability to manage diabetes
  • This methi moong dal recipe is a quick and easy one to try

Diabetes is currently one of the common conditions in the world. If a 2018 study, published in The Lancet, is to be believed, about 98 million Indians are at risk of developing diabetes by the year 2030. An irreversible condition, Diabetes Mellitus can only be managed or prevented through a healthy diet and lifestyle, which if ignored, can lead to serious health risks and even stroke. And following a balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle isn’t a tough task after all if we are simply mindful and include certain foods and rituals in our daily lives.

According to many health experts, diabetics should keep themselves satiated by eating at regular intervals. Besides this, there are many diabetic-friendly foods that may help manage the condition. The winter season comes brimming with many fresh foods that are nutritionally rich and versatile enough to be turned into delectable dishes. Fenugreek (methi), for instance, is a wonderful example of versatility. Besides the leaves, fenugreek can be found in our kitchens in the form of seeds too. And thus can be used to make countless mouth-watering dishes! Besides this, methi is a reservoir of nutrients such as folic acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. According to many studies, methi is the only food with an unusual amino acid called 4HO-Ile that has possible anti-diabetic qualities such as enhancing insulin secretion and increasing insulin sensitivity.


Consultant nutritionist, Rupali Datta also echoes the thought and says “Fenugreek is often used as a part of diet plans prescribed to patients with diabetes as a treatment. While a diabetes patient can consume fenugreek in the form of seeds by consuming it soaked in water every morning, one must consult a doctor before doing so if you are on insulin therapy.”

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Methi is extensively used across Indian cuisine.

From quick and easy aloo methi to methi paratha and pakodas, there are countless Indian dishes that bring out the best of this veggie, but here we have a comforting and wholesome methi dal recipe that you’ll love gorging on during the cold winter season!

Here’s How You Can Make Methi Dal At Home:


– Fenugreek leaves (methi, finely chopped)- 1 cup

– Yellow moong dal (blanched)- 1 cup

– Cumin seeds (jeera)- 1 tsp

– Onion (finely chopped)- 1/2 cup

– Tomato (chopped)- 1

– Ginger (chopped)- 1 tsp

– Garlic (chopped)- 1 tsp

– Red chilli powder- 1 tsp

– Green chilli (slit)- 1

– A pinch of hing

– Garam masala- 1 tsp

– Haldi- 1/2 tsp

– Salt- 1 tsp

– Oil- 1/2 tbsp.


1. Pressure cook moong dal with turmeric and water.

2. When cooked, mix well. The dal should be soggy. Keep aside

3. Now heat a non-stick pan and saute cumin seeds till it crackles.

4. Add ginger, garlic and green chilli a d saute for about a minute.

5. Now add onion and tomato. Saute for a while.

6. Now add hing, chilli powder, garam masala with some water. Cook well for two minutes. Keep stirring.

7. Add the methi leaves now while stirring.

8. Add cooked dal with salt and let it cook for another 5 minutes. Continue to stir occasionally.

9. Serve hot when done.

The addition of protein-rich moong dal makes it all the more beneficial for diabetics since the protein content keeps us satiated for a long time, avoiding any spike in the blood sugar levels.


Try this easy and delicious methi-moong dal at home and share your experience in the comments section below.

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