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Drink These Delicious Apple-Based Drinks To Maintain A Healthy Diet

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  • Apple is the most loved and the most common fruit
  • The sweet taste of apples complements different flavours
  • Here are some ideas of drinks that can be made with apples

Fruits are an integral part of our diet. Though, there are a string of fruits available to add variety to our daily consumption, there are some fruits that are almost a staple item in everyone’s households. Apple is the most loved and the most common fruit that is available all year round. Touted as a super food for overall health, apple is recommended to be had regularly. With its high fibre content, apple is a great food to improve metabolism rate and fasten the weight loss process. Apple is also considered beneficial for preventing and alleviating diabetes and heart related problems. Another reason why apple is popular in the health circuit is that it boosts immunity and keeps bones strong. 

We have always been told to eat an apple every day. But, it can be difficult for some people who find it hard to chew the fruit in its raw form. A great way to consume this miracle fruit is to juice it and drink it. And, for those who like to dress up their diet, here are some ideas of interesting drinks that can be made with the goodness of apples.

Apple-Based Drinks – 

Apple Punch

This sweet drink made with apples refreshes the mind and the body. Addition of cinnamon, cloves, lemon and ginger, amplifies the taste of the drink that turns out be an eclectic mix of sweetness and sourness. 

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Apple punch

Hot Apple Punch

Drink a hot up of tea like never before. This apple tea is infused with the zingy flavours of ginger, mint and lemon. Sip on this drink of wellness every evening and give yourself a break from the harmful caffeine. 

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Apple tea

Apple Chia Seeds Smoothie

Apples, chia seeds and yogurt – three healthful foods come together to create a healthful drink that is fulfilling and nutritious. This delicious smoothie is ideal for breakfast when you want to kick in some nutrients in the body to start the day. 

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apple smoothie

Apple smoothie

Apple And Mint Iced Tea

Craving for some iced tea? Make this one quickly at home with apples and a couple of other flavourful ingredients. You will love the combination of apples, mint, chamomile tea and fresh jasmine flowers. 

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iced tea

Apple iced tea

The pleasant sweet taste of apples complements different flavours of different foods. If you are bored of eating apples and drinking plain apple juice, try these exciting recipes of apple-based drinks that are not just healthful but also delicious. 

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