During the rally in Parsa assembly, Nitish Kumar said that do not cry

Saran Bihar Assembly Election (Bihar Assembly Election 2020) Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who came to campaign for Parsa seat in Saran district, had to face hooting. Nitish Kumar (Nitish Kumar’s Rally in Parsa Vidhan Sabha) Was addressing the rally when some people started raising slogans of Lalu Zindabad. On which Nitish Kumar expressed his displeasure and said- ‘Don’t make a noise, don’t give a vote … But don’t spoil the vote for the one you have come here for.’ Nitish Kumar, while questioning the people who came in the public meeting, asked that now you also tell what it is doing, the people raised their voice in support of Nitish.

In fact, Nitish Kumar had arrived in Chhapra’s Parsa to address an election meeting as part of the course of the dialogue program. JDU has nominated Lalu Yadav’s minister and Chandrika Yadav, a minister in Bihar government, from Parsa assembly. Chief Minister Parsa was addressing the election meeting in Derni of the assembly. During this time, Lalu Yadav started shouting slogans from among the people present in the meeting. Nitish Kumar’s mercury got hot on hearing this.

Nitish Kumar said, “We do not know what he is saying in the middle, what you are saying, please raise your hands. What are you speaking about?” Raise your hand. Seeing Nitish angrily, one of the party supporters said that this bait is a thief.

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The Chief Minister said that do not make all this noise here. Do not vote if you do not want to vote. The CM pointed to the people present in the public meeting and said that tell me, brother, he is making a noise, is it right that he is wrong?

Nitish kumar

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