For five decades, the country's politics has won two records and the minister at the center six times ... Know the unheard journey of Delhi's 'bungalow' from the city

Lalu, Ram Vilas and Nitish… can be called the leaves of the same tree. One thing is common among all three that they started the struggle against poverty and finally achieved the position which every leader dreams of. Ram Vilas Paswan was born on 5 July 1946 in the remote rural town of Banbani in Khagaria. Ram Vilas was the eldest of the three children of his father Jamun Paswan, followed by Pashupati Paras and Ramchandra Paswan. The father had raised the three brothers in considerable poverty, but Ram Vilas was a fighter from the beginning, after completing his schooling from Shaharbani, he did his MA and LLB.

When Ram Vilas was becoming DSP
After this, he not only prepared for UPSC but also cracked it. Ram Vilas was selected for the post of DSP. But perhaps they had to go elsewhere. When he was selected in the UPSC, he came in contact with the socialist leader Ram Sajeevan and took up politics. In 1969, he contested from the Aloli assembly on the ticket of the United Socialist Party and reached the assembly. After this, Paswan never looked back. Subsequently in 1974, he became general secretary of Lok Dal as a strong follower of Raj Narayan and JP. He was also personally close to prominent leaders of the Emergency like Raj Narayan, Karpoori Thakur and Satyendra Narayan Sinha. She was married to Princess Devi in ​​1960. She later remarried to Reena Sharma in 1983, divorcing Princess Devi in ​​1981. He has three daughters and a son from both his wives. He studied at Kosi College, Khagaria and Patna University. He obtained an MA and a law graduate degree from Patna University.

Politics of the country for 5 decades, record-breaking victories twice and ministers at center 6 times
Ram Vilas dominated the politics of Bihar and the country for five decades. During this time, he also made a world record of winning the most votes in the Lok Sabha elections. There is also another record in his name which no other leader can make and that Ram Vilas was a minister in the cabinet of 6 Prime Ministers of the country. Ramvilas used to foresee what is going to happen next in politics. That is why RJD supremo Lalu Yadav called him a meteorologist of politics. He became a minister at the Center 6 times as a sign.

  • Union Labor Minister for the first time in 1989
  • Railway Minister in 1996
  • Minister of Communications in 1999
  • Minister of Coal in 2002
  • Food and Consumer Protection Minister in 2014
  • Food and Consumer Protection Minister in 2019

Before LJP, Paswan made Dalit army
In 1975, when Emergency was announced in the country, Ram Vilas was also arrested. After his release from jail in 1977, he took membership of the Janata Party and reached Parliament from Hajipur for the first time. During this time, Ram Vilas made a world record of winning the election with the most votes. The LJP was formed much later, but in 1983, the Ram Vilas Dalit Army was established. While in politics, he had two such decisions which later proved to be milestones. The first decision in this was to open the zonal office of the railway in Hajipur, while the second decision was to declare a holiday on Ambedkar Jayanti at the center.


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