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Gujarati Recipe: 5 Tips To Make Traditional <i>Dal Dhokli</i> At Home (Recipe Video Inside)

Dal Dhokli Recipe: Make this authentic and flavourful Dal Dhokli at home.


  • Dal Dhokli is one of the favourite Gujarati recipes
  • The dish is a lentil-based curry with whole wheat pieces
  • Here are some tips to make it truly authentic

Dal Dhokli is one of the most-loved Gujarati recipes out there. A tantalising lentil-based curry paired with whole wheat bits – Dal Dhokli is a fulfilling one-pot meal in itself. Some households also prefer to pair it with steamed rice. Although the recipe seems fairly simple in theory, there are some tricks that make the preparation truly an authentic Gujarati one. These intricate additions can make all the difference to a traditional Dal Dhokli recipe. After all, the devil is in the details!

2ek9phu8Wholesome and satiating Dal Dhokli is a meal by itself. 

Here Are 5 Tips To Make Traditional Gujarati Dal Dhokli At Home:

  1. Soak the peanuts and Toor Dal for 30 minutes before cooking. This makes the Dal softer and takes lesser time to cook in the pressure cooker. Also, ensure that the Dal is slightly watery and not too thick. The preparation will thicken later when Dhokli is added to it.
  2. For the Dhokli dough, make sure to add just a pinch of Hing or Asafoetida. It will make all the difference to the taste and the results will be lip-smacking!
  3. While making the dough, it’s extremely important to achieve the right consistency. Too much water can soften the dough, which is why just a small teaspoon of water and oil should be enough to make it hard. The dough should be harder than chapati dough.
  4. Make sure the rolled out Dhokli is not too thick, as it may clump together and become unpalatable in the later stages of cooking.
  5. Although the recipe does not require whole spices, it is a good idea to add 2 halves of dried Kokum for an additional tangy zing.

Watch the full recipe video of Dal Dhokli here:



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So, what are you waiting for? Try this wonderful Dal Dhokli recipe with our special tips and see the difference in your cooking.

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