Gupteshwar Pandey bought form to contest election, viral on social media


  • Gupteshwar Pandey’s list of purchase form is viral on social media
  • Gupteshwar Pandey said, I am not fighting this time in Bihar assembly elections
  • After taking VRS, Gupteshwar Pandey was preparing to contest from Buxar
  • Gupteshwar Pandey made headlines in Sushant Singh Rajput case

Former DGP of Bihar Gupteshwar Pandey Once again in the headlines. Gupteshwar Pandey joined politics by taking VRS from a government job. But their hopes have been dashed. They have not received tickets from any party. Gupteshwar Pandey has himself come and clarified that some political circumstances have become such, due to which I am not able to contest elections. Meanwhile a nomination letter is viral on social media.

The viral letter names Gupteshwar Pandey. According to this letter, he had bought the form to contest from Buxar Assembly seat in Bihar elections. Although it is viral on social media. There is no official confirmation of this. Navbharat also does not confirm the veracity of that viral letter. But based on his viral purchase letter, people are speculating that he had bought the form. The viral list contains information about those who purchased nomination papers from Buxar assembly constituency. In lieu of this, 10 thousand rupees were given.

Is Sushant case cut because of tickets? See what Gupteshwar Pandey said

There is no explanation of Gupteshwar Pandey on the viral purchase letter. However, he was clear on the day on Thursday that he is not contesting the election for not getting the ticket. Also, he had made it clear that he would also campaign for NDA candidates. He did not give any information about what has happened between Nitish Kumar and him.

Bihar Election: Gupteshwar Pandey said on not getting the ticket

Am with nitish kumar
Gupteshwar Pandey said that it is not right to see my VRS and party membership directly linked to the election. There was a possibility of contesting elections. For some reason this equation did not sit. There are many compulsions in politics but I am with NDA and will be with NDA. Gupteshwar Pandey said that I did not make any mistake in what I did in the case of Sushant’s death, nor do I regret it.


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