Health Benefits Of Walnut: How To Prepare Walnut Milk For A Well-Balanced Diet


  • Walnut is a super food that includes several essential nutrients
  • Walnut is also known for its versatile culinary usages.
  • This walnut milk can be a healthy inclusion in your meal plan

The benefit of walnut is no secret to the world. It is a storehouse of several essential nutrients and has long been proven to be a superfood. As per experts, it is loaded with protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and more, which makes walnut a great option to include in any diabetes diet or weight loss diet plan. A recent study has further discovered that the omega-3 fatty acid-content in walnut also makes it a great option to include in a heart patient’s meal plan. Another study has linked these brain-shaped nuts to reduced inflammation in the human body. The findings of both the researches were published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Besides providing a plethora of health benefits, walnut is also known for its versatile culinary usages. This crunchy and flavourful nut comes in a hard shell and can be used to prepare a countless number of dishes. From using as a garnishing element to pounding it to prepare sauces and dips, you can find several interesting ways to include walnut to your daily diet. Click here to know ways to add walnuts to your diet.

We bring you a simple and creamy walnut milk recipe that can be a nutritious addition to your everyday diet. You can drink it as it or add it to chai, coffee or cereals and give a healthy start to the day. Walnut milk can also be a great substitute for the regular cow milk for the ones who adapted veganism as their way of life. Let’s find out the recipe!


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How To Make Walnut Milk | Healthy Walnut Milk Recipe:


4 cups walnut

8 cups of water

For flavouring (optional):

2 strands of saffron

1 pinch of cardamom powder

Half teaspoon crushed or ground pistachio

Sugar/coconut sugar/honey/jaggery powder (or any sweetener), as per taste


Step 1. Soak the walnuts in some water for minimum 8-9 hours. We suggest keep it overnight.

Step 2. Add it to a blender or food processer and crush them coarsely. Do not over-blend.

Step 3. Add the water and blend again till you get a creamy, smooth consistency.

Step 4. Strain it through cheesecloth and squeeze out the milk till the last ounce.

Step 5. You may drink the milk as is or add some flavourings to it. To add the flavourings- put all the ingredients mentioned above in the blender, along with the milk and blend once. Then follow step 4.


Step 6. Transfer the milk in an airtight glass container and store in the refrigerator for at least 3-4 days.

Eat healthy, stay fit!

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