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Homemade Tea-Time Snack: How To Make Sindhi Patties (Recipe Video)

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Desi teatime snack: Sindhi patties are made from chana dal, potatoes and bread crumbs


  • Evening hunger pangs are not easy to stave off
  • Chips are not filling enough and are quite unhealthy as well
  • Sindhi patties are made from a mix of chana dal, potato mash and bread

Evening is the time when hunger strikes out of time. The time around 4.30 or 5 pm is when lunch has been digested and dinner is still a while away and we feel like we need to munch on a little something to stave the hunger pangs until dinner time. We often find ourselves craving for something munchy and crunchy during the evening and this is when we reach out for that bag of crisps or chips. But these often end up being inadequate in completely extinguishing our hunger. Additionally, packaged chips and crisps tend to have a lot of added flavours, trans-fats and preservatives, making them unhealthy for daily consumption. This is why homemade evening snacks come in handy and we’re here to tell you about one such quick-fix evening snack- Sindhi Patties.

Sindhi Lentil Patties Recipe

Made from soaked chana dal (split chickpeas), boiled mashed potatoes and some crumbled bread pieces, this patty is a delicious tea-time snack. Sindhi patties are satisfactory and filling and will definitely make you look forward to tea-time. You start by soaking the chana dal in water until it’s soft and then cooking it in ghee with a host of ground spices including cumin, garam masala, red chilli powder, coriander powder etc. Once the dal and spices are cooked, you remove them from the pan and mix them together with the potato mash. Then you may add some crumbled bread to make the patties crispy when they are shallow-fried in ghee. However, you may opt to not include the bread in the patties.

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Add a little salt and pepper powder to the lentil, potato and bread mixture and mold them into thick, small circles, ready for frying. If you’re confident enough, you may make the circles with your hands, without any tools. If not, you may use a tiny rounded mold or any round mold-like tool to shape the patties to perfection. Don’t worry if you can’t achieve perfect circles- it’s about the taste after all!

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Take a look at the Sindhi Pattice (Patties) recipe video from Vaishali Polke or Being Marathi Recipe YouTube Channel:

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