In response to ‘Ka Ba’ in Bihar, BJP touted ‘E Ba’ … Video viral

Made a song, ka ba in Bombay? The song has been written by Dr. Sagar of Purvanchal (Ballia) and the song has been acted by Manoj Bajpayee of Bihar (Bettiah). This song became a big hit. Then, its parody was made, ‘Bihar ke ka ba ..’ through which NDA was questioned and asked what was the result of so many years of jugalbandi in Bihar?

The IT Cell of Bihar BJP has given a digital answer to this and this trend has been happening throughout the day. All the big leaders and activists of BJP tweeted and retweeted it, and the general public also spoke a lot of magic – e-baa in Bihar. It showcases Bihar’s glorious past and present day truth through a video presentation. Along with all the developmental works, a report card has also been introduced so that the public can know their side too.

The effect of the strategy is visible
State Convenor of Bihar BJP IT Cell Manan Krishna said that this well thought out strategy worked, ‘It is so that we knew that people will listen to us when we say positive things. Our campaign has been running on a positive note since the beginning, instead of worrying about our opponents, we are referring to the work done by the report-card. We created this song for the opponents of Bihar and its development, who do not see development because of wearing tin glasses. Due to the song and music being very popular, it also quickly became public and became viral.

In JDU’s ‘Nishcha Samvad’, Nitish Kumar lashed out at the opposition, saying – we work, some people …

Leaders shared
Many big leaders of Bihar BJP have also shared this song with their Twitter handle. It has also sent the message that the BJP is now taking the field in the goal with its victory, because this song is a symbol of her newfound confidence.


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