In the year 2018-19, BJP received the highest corporate donation of 698 crore rupees, who knows how much money was received

According to the latest report of the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), BJP has received the highest amount of donations from corporate companies in the last 7 years, despite the donation of donations from corporate companies to other parties, BJP got 7 times more donations from other parties. is.

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According to the Association for Democratic Reforms report, BJP is the number one party among the highest political donations, Congress is the second largest. The year 20018-19 BJP received a donation of 698 crores from corporate companies, while the Congress could get only 122.5 crores. At the same time, NCP received Rs 11.345 crore in donations.

In fact, the ADR cited this report, made public by the Election Commission, that it is necessary to give details about donations if all parties receive donations of more than Rs 20,000. In this, the donor’s name, address, PAN card, payment time, and full details of the amount have to be given. The ADR report has also stated that political parties have obtained 274 donors without PAN card and address.

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The first place in donations to political parties was the Tata Group-backed Progressive Electoral Trust, Tata’s Progressive Trust donated a total of Rs 455.15 crore to political parties in 2018-19.

Which party got how much donation

Out of the five national parties, BJP received a maximum donation of Rs 698.082 crore from 1,573 corporate donors in FY 2018-19, after which Congress received a total of Rs 122.5 crore from 122 corporate donors. In addition, NCP received donations from 17 corporate donors. 11.345 crores received.

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Out of Rs 44.26 crore received by the Trinamool Congress, Rs 42.99 crore was received from the corporate report, that the total 319 funds did not have address information in the donor form from which national political parties received Rs 31.42 crore.

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