JDU releases rap song for Bihar elections, shows Modi-Nitish friendship

The political campaign for the Bihar Assembly Election is getting sharper. It is not easy to reach out to common voters or to do public relations in the Corona era. Therefore, political parties are making video their weapon for election campaigning. In this sequence, all the parties are continuously reaching out to the voters through video songs or rap style songs. On Sunday, the ruling JDU released two videos to woo voters. The lyrics of the song in one video are – “Choose the election carefully, which is tested every time …” There are the lyrics of the other video – “Our mind is the same as shown by brother ..”

In fact, this video of JDU will once again remind voters of the theme of Nitish Kumar’s ’15 years of good governance vs. 15 years of Jaganlaraj’, once again appealing to the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Both the videos have been tested by JDU with the tagline ‘Who will choose the same, Nitishe Kumar says Sara Bihar’.
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In the video, CM Nitish is seen moving and interacting with people. In the beginning of the video, several people are shown running with the flag in the green field. In the song, Nitish is described as the pride of Bihar and the concern of the people. This video also shows the friendship between CM Nitish and PM Modi.

Let me tell you that even before this, JDU released its video about Bihar elections. In that too, appealing to the public not to fall into the trap of other parties, it was requested to vote in favor of Nitish Kumar.


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