‘Kahan Gaya Oo Challenger Lalu Ka’, on the other hand, Nitish closed the room and muttered .. went to form the government, what did the public create

Bihar Chunav 2020: Nitish Kumar’s Love-Kush equation was inadequate to penetrate this impregnable fort of Lalu’s Dalit-Muslim-OBC in 1994. The arrow had left the command. Meanwhile Abdul Gafoor, Bashistha Narayan Singh, Shakuni Chaudhary joined the Samata Party and upon seeing it, a rift began to appear in Lalu’s fort. Nitish planned a Bihar Bachao rally in November this year. The same Gandhi Maidan where the Kurmi Chetna rally held just eight months ago gave Lalu sleep. Both Lalu and Nitish consider themselves the ideological plants of Ram Manohar Lohia and Jayaprakash Narayan. So the attacker Nitish had to take recourse to them.

Shankhanad in ‘Bihar Bachao Rally’ from Lalu

The rally was to save Bihar from Lalu. The crowd had nothing to do with JP or Lohia, and no longer is. But it was necessary for Nitish to make anti-Lalu ideological. The book The Brothers Bihari, written on the politics of Bihar in the nineties, mentions the Ir rally .. The stalwarts of this movement and their walkers were standing and waving to the crowd, their number was so high that the wooden platform rose. George Fernandes, Nitish Kumar, Abdul Ghafoor, Shivanand Tiwari, Bishan Patel, Bhola Prasad Singh and Satish Kumar were also present. “This is a treacherous government,” Nitish Kumar Garje, “It has betrayed the promises made to the people, it has given J.P. And betrayed the dreams of Karpoori Thakur. There is no democracy in Bihar. It has become the fief of a man, who has turned his eyes towards the needs of people and their suffering, which is bent on spreading chaos. Kidnapping and robbery has become an everyday thing, the government is not doing its job, this government is engaged in taking care of the interests of the same class, it should be boycotted. This is the beginning of our movement, the beginning of your movement, we have to pull it out and hand it back to Bihar in the hands of the people who are J.P. And follow the high standards of Karpoori Thakur and take care of the wishes of the people. ”

Deafening hum in Gandhi Maidan

There was a loud roar of applause. Gandhi Maidan was chock full. Nitish may have remembered the Lalu rally a few years ago, when Lalu had not even invited him to come to the rally and had to sneak away to see the spectacle. Nitish Kumar got hope from this deafening hump. Two months later, Ranbheri was going to ring in the assembly elections. The actual campaign started in January 1995. An internal poll-pollster told Nitish that he would win more than 135 seats. The crowd of rallies and public relations response Nitish was thinking that the wind of the anti-Lalu revolution itself would lead him to victory. It was stupid.

Misunderstanding of nitish kumar

These small groups often break apart from any political party in India and get misunderstandings. The biggest example of this is the Congress (O) led by K. Kamaraj and Morarji Desai, which split from Indira Gandhi in 1969, but could never challenge. From the beginning, Nitish’s Samata Party did not have enough resources for campaigning. There was a Maruti-800 car and that too belonged to Nitish’s friend Gyanu. During the 1995 campaign, he used to drive around Nitish in this car. Nitish had no other motor vehicle other than this. Along with the lack of resources, Nitish had to depend on a small amount of donations raised by George Fernandes outside Bihar.

Ethnic mobilization

Nitish Kumar was just hopeful that Lalu Prasad’s increasing unpopularity among upper castes and non-Yadav OBC castes would benefit him. He did not calculate that Lalu’s accusation to the Dalits and the exploited who did not dare to visit the booth till months ago, will he forget his Messiah so soon? This Jamaat was about to vote louder than in 1990. He got support from Chief Election Commissioner TN Seshan. On the other hand, Seshan’s style of work will harm Lalu. But it was the opposite. Seshan himself took the pole to teach morality lessons to the general public. Started keeping a vulture eye on politics and politicians. Among all the states of India, Bihar was the state where the election papers were the most stained: capturing booths, getting bogus votes, forcibly taking away polling boxes, incidents of violence, etc. If all or any of these incidents did not happen in Bihar, there would have been no news of Bihar. 24 people were killed in the 1984 Lok Sabha elections, 40 in 1989, 63 people were killed in the 1985 assembly elections and 87 died in 1990.

Lalu benefited from TN Seshan’s pole

Seshan pledged not to allow any such incident to happen again in the 1995 election. He sent 650 units of the auxiliary army to the state. Divided the election into four phases, postponing the elections so many times, wearying the leaders and officers. This round of elections was probably the longest and most torture in the history of Bihar due to Seshan’s tough steps and rigorous arrangements. The election notification was issued on December 8, 1994, with the last voting on March 28, 1995. Lalu was heard saying, “Pagalwa Seshan, is the election that Kumbh?” … Lalu’s anger was bursting openly, big colorful threats were coming out of his tongue: “Pagla is bull, Seshan, I don’t know We can also close the rope in the Khatal dam, such that “… the longer the process dragged on, the greater the difficulties of its opponents.

Lalu’s storm, genie came out of ballot boxes

When the assembly election results came, Nitish was killed. Lalu Yadav got 164 seats. More than the seats won in its earlier assembly elections. This was a period of hollow vote bank politics in Bihar. The Muslims and the Yadavas, despite accusing them of a very bad and poor rule, decided to give Lalu another chance as a pardon and pushed him far ahead of the divided opposition. Lalu ridiculed. “Where did O O Challenger Lalu’s?” Nitish came to account in seven seats out of 324 seats in the assembly. The Samata Party had fielded 310 candidates, of whom 271 were forfeited. Anand Mohan’s Bihar People’s Party got more seats than Nitish Kumar’s party.

… and Nitish locked himself in the room

Nitish had switched off the television and left his engineer friend Arun Kumar’s house in Punai Chowk. He did not pick up anyone’s phone. He did not want to meet people. Did not want to meet journalists. On Doordarshan, he refused to engage in a debate with Lalu, BJP’s Shatrughan Sinha and Congress’s Jagannath Mishra and handed over the task of clarifying the humiliating defeat in the election to Bhola Prasad Singh, who was the CPI (ML) Together, the Samata Party had a disastrous alliance. In fact, the agricultural Kurmi community of Central Bihar has been taking up arms against Male. Nitish thought it appropriate that the task of cleaning up about this failed manor should be handed over to Bhola Babu, the creator of this scheme. But the main thing is that Nitish’s dream was severely crushed and he wanted to shrug off facing this truth. He sneaked into Gyanu’s Srikrishnapuri house, where television was still on and throwing news of the election storm. Walked to form the government and what the people had made, “… Nitish murmured so slowly that even Gyanu could not hear. He slipped into a pedestal and said to Gyanu that please T.V. Turn it off. ‘Gyanuji, don’t tell anyone we are here. He did not want to talk to anyone; He sat there for a long time as if there was no life in the body.


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