Know how much power there is in the lamp ahead of Nitish-Tejashwi


  • Opinion poll of Times Now and C-voters before Bihar election
  • According to opinion poll, Nitish Kumar signs again in Bihar
  • Where is Chirag Paswan staying next to Nitish-Tejashwi
  • Chirag Paswan is confining 5 seats in the opinion poll

Before the Bihar elections, there is a big forecast of Times Now and C-voters. From this prediction, there are indications that Nitishe Kumar will be in Bihar again. Nitish Kumar This time a straight fight Tejashwi Yadav Is from But in the survey of Times Now and Sea-Voters, the Grand Alliance seems to get only 76 seats. But in addition to the stunning in the politics of Bihar, the LJP supremo Chirag Paswan Is the most discussed.

After Tejashwi Yadav, Chirag Paswan is directly attacking Nitish Kumar in Bihar. Chirag broke up with NDA in Bihar because of Nitish Kumar. But he has made it clear that he will field candidates only against JDU, not against BJP. But according to Opinion Polls from Times Now and C-Voters, Chirag is not showing as much atmosphere as he has created.

Bihar Opinion Poll: Nitish Kumar will stay in Bihar again? Or will you come stunning

Chirag is confined at 5
LJP is getting 5 seats in Times Now and C-Voters Opinion Poll. It is estimated that Chirag Paswan does not seem to have any special benefit after his separation from NDA. The LJP could not do anything special in the 2015 assembly elections. But this time too, there are no chances.

Vote percentage is gaining
Actually, the 2015 Bihar assembly elections were contested by LJP staying in NDA. Chirag’s part could not win a single seat. In 2015, the LJP received a total of 4.8 percent votes. In the survey of Times Now and C-voters, the vote percentage of LJP is increasing. This time it is estimated to get 6.71 percent votes. According to this opinion poll, Chirag seems to be benefiting by 2 percent votes.

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Chirag is in the field for the first time on his own
Chirag Paswan is in the electoral arena on his own for the first time. He is directly challenging Nitish Kumar. Chirag is constantly trying to establish himself on the political map of Bihar. However, his father has died during the election season. In such a situation, election preparedness has also been affected. There are also speculations that he may get the benefit of sympathy in some seats.


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