lalu prasad yadav became chief minister with devilal help amid opposition of vp singh a lesson for tejashwi yadav in bihar assembly election

Bihar Election: If you get power, then the power of the chair can also have solid control over the party. Otherwise, like OPS (O Panneerselvam) and EPS (E Palaniswami), both Tej Pratap and Tejashwi Yadav are ready. There is another commonality among the leaders who make the party a private limited. He broke a rough party and formed a new party. Struggled and gained power. The story is a bit different in Lalu’s case. Lalu formed the Rashtriya Janata Dal in 1997, but by then he had served as CM chair for seven years. Lalu first took power in Bihar and then the party. It was not easy for Lalu, who gave Lohia’s views on familyism, to reach the peak of power. After the death of Karpoori Thakur, Lalu Yadav, who became the Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, understood the value of time. Lok Sabha elections were being held. There was a public wave against the Congress. Lalu filled the paper from Chapra without losing his chance. He also won and left the chair of the Leader of the Opposition and reached Delhi. Krishna’s autobiography, key to power and Arjun’s target of Nitish, Lalu defeated Brahmastra by giving fourth victory

Raja of Manda langs Lalu

Then four months later elections were held for the Bihar Assembly. The Janata Dal won 132 seats out of 324 seats and won a clear majority with the co-operative CPI. Lalu then ran to Patna and joined the CM race. The real battle for power began only after the results were declared. Lalu felt that he had been the Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly and also a confidant of PM Vishwanath Pratap Singh, so the post of CM would be served on the plate. But it was not so. The king of Manda was no longer supporting Lalu. He was keen to make a Dalit leader the Chief Minister of Bihar. VP Singh argued that Lalu is not even a member of the Legislative Assembly, so the question of becoming CM does not arise. His man was Ramsundar Das, who was the Chief Minister in the brief tenure of 1979–80. Ajit Singh supported VP Singh. VP Singh sent Ajit Singh to Patna to help in selecting Ramasandur Das as the leader of the legislative party. George Fernandes and Surendra Mohan were also sent to Patna to strengthen the team of Ramsunder Das.

Sip of blood

Chandrashekhar, VP’s opponent, supported Lalu

But Lalu Yadav was not in a mood to listen to the orders of the high command. Lalu had made a deep move by resorting to the factionalism of the Janata Dal. He demanded to hold elections to elect the leader of the legislative party. He was getting the support of Devi Lal. The elderly Jat sent two Yadavs, Sharad and Mulayam Singh, to proclaim the support of the troubled third. Here, Lalu himself opened up a big front to fight this big challenge. He asked Chandrasekhar for help. The same Chandrashekhar whom Lalu had opposed. But Lalu had adopted a policy of maintaining personal relations even after protesting, which benefited. To convince Chandrasekhar, Lalu went at his rate and said …. This king is bent on destroying our possibilities .. He complained almost like a small child, “Please help us, otherwise VP Singh will Will make the man the Chief Minister of Bihar. Chandrashekhar, VP Singh’s antithesis, assured Lalu.

‘Kahan Gaya Oo Challenger Lalu Ka’, on the other side, Nitish closed the room and muttered .. he went to form the government, what did the public make

Third entry in Ramasundar Das vs Lalu Yadav

On the day there was a meeting of Janata Dal MLAs for the election of the leader, there suddenly appeared three contenders instead of two for the post of Chief Minister. Raghunath Jha joined the race as Chandrashekhar’s candidate. He was undoubtedly not a serious chief ministerial candidate. He had come there only to divide the votes of the legislative party, so that Lalu Yadav would benefit. Lalu Yadav further ruled Bihar with the same strategy of dividing the opposing votes. Raghunath Jha had good success in his mission. The votes were divided on the basis of caste. The Harijans voted for Ramasundara Das, the Savarnas supported Raghunath Jha. Lalu won by a narrow margin. He got most of the backward caste votes. But there was still more drama to be done. Ajit Singh, cleverly manipulated by Lalu Yadav in the Legislature Party, took the responsibility of retaliating against him. He had failed to defeat Lalu Yadav in the elections, but he could still sweat his way in reaching the Chief Minister’s office. He quietly went to Bihar Governor Mohammad Yunus Salim who had been associated with Lakdal.

Chaudhary Ajit Singh did the trick

Ajit Singh prepared the Governor to postpone the swearing-in ceremony until the Center’s approval on Lalu Yadav’s election was approved. It was difficult for Younus Salim to reject Ajit Singh. He was the Vice President of Lok Dal under the leadership of Chaudhary Charan Singh, father of Ajit Singh. Also, Ajit Singh, the Prime Minister of the country, V.P. Getting talking to Singh, he was talking. They were in a dilemma. On one side was Lalu Yadav. The duly elected leader of the majority party in the assembly. Lalu was constantly calling him to administer the oath. The Governor took the easy route to the middle and decided to fly to Delhi. Lalu Yadav somehow got wind of the Governor’s plan and followed him to the airport. On the way, he kept speaking to the driver to press the accelerator and cursed the governor. “This governor has to explain right (right) and rong (wrong) and duty (duty).” How is the Oath (swearing) of the Elected (elected) man not getting done? ”

‘This governor has to explain right and wrong’

But by the time his convoy reached the airport, the governor’s plane had flown. Lalu Yadav became very angry. He returned home and called Devi Lal, who was number 2 in the central government. “Chaudhary saheb, what is happening in your rule?” We Elected CM And ran away before the Oath at the behest of Governor Ajit Singh! ”Devi Lal also had a long association with Yunus Salim since the time of the Lok Dal. Salim was very junior to him in politics. They were shocked to hear this. He approached the Governor of Bihar in Delhi and directed him to return to Patna and administer the oath of office to Chief Minister Lalu Yadav. Finally on March 10, 1990, Lalu Yadav was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Bihar. He became the first Chief Minister to be sworn in outside the Raj Bhavan. Lalu Yadav was sworn in at the sprawling Gandhi Maidan in Patna where JP’s idol used to take inspiration before every movement. Like Lalu, his successor in Bihar and a follower of JP, Nitish Kumar also chose Gandhi Maidan for swearing in 2005. The series continued in 2010 and 2015 as well. (Note – Many inputs of this story are taken from the book ‘The Brothers Bihari’)


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