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Love Dhaba-Style Dal Tadka? Now Make It At Home With This Easy Recipe Video

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Dal tadka


  • Have you been trying to replicate dhaba-style dal tadka at home?
  • This easy recipe video teaches how to make dhaba-like dal
  • The recipe uses toor dal to make a delectable dal dish

If there’s one advantage of travelling by road, it is definitely crossing past dhabas lining up the roadside. We can’t deny that these dhabas serve the best Indian food that we can’t get anywhere else. They turn simple, everyday foods into distinct dishes with some swoon-worthy flavours. Dal that we cook at home never tastes as good as the dhaba dal. If you haven’t figured out yet what makes dhaba dal so different, allow us to dish out the secret. It’s the way they make the tadka of the dal that does all the magic. And, if you have been trying to replicate dhaba-style dal tadka at home and haven’t achieved it so far, now you can, with this recipe that tells us all.

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Chef and food vlogger, Ananya Banerjee, teaches us how to make the perfect dhaba-style dal with this recipe video posted on her YouTube channel ‘Chef Ananya Banerjee’.

She used Toor Dal, also called Split Pigeon Peas dal in the recipe. In addition to the usual onion and tomato tadka that we mix with boiled dal, another tadka is made with ghee, cumin seeds, hing (asafoetida), garlic and whole red chillies. This final tadka is poured on the top of the cooked dal to render it the typical dhaba-like look and feel. This dal would go perfectly with roti, naan or rice. Make this dal when your guests are coming over and give them the opportunity to eat dal in the dhaba-style.

Watch the recipe video of dhaba-style dal tadka –

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