Modi government will again increase the prices of petrol and diesel to fill its coffers, the common man will be happy.

Crude is priced no matter how low, but the people of the country will not get relief from the inflation of petrol diesel, ie those who have a vehicle will have to take expensive diesel petrol in future also. The government is preparing to increase the excise duty on petrol diesel.

Due to health problems, there has been a lot of turmoil in the economy. Inflation is also bothering people. Crude oil prices in international market have come down sharply but in the country, petrol diesel prices have gone from the city.

The government has decided that whatever the price of crude oil goes down, the public will not get any relief from them i.e. the government will not reduce the price of petrol and diesel and the government’s policy is similar for the future because The central government is once again preparing to increase excise duty on petrol diesel.

The total tax on petrol was ₹ 9.48 paisa per liter in May 2014 and ₹ 3.56 paisa per liter on diesel. Since then, the tax has increased to 32.98 paise per liter. Text on diesel has been increased to ₹ 31.83 paise per liter i.e. by the central and state governments continuously. With the increase in taxes, all the possibilities of getting oil at a cheaper price to the customers are being eliminated, rather they have to spend more for petrol and diesel.

Let’s know about the tax and commission on petrol, factory price of crude oil ₹ 25 32 paise freight and other expenses 36 paise excise duty ₹ 32 98 paise dealer’s commission ₹ 3 69 paise sitting with dealer’s commission ₹ 18 71 According to the money report, now the excise duty on this can increase from 3 to ₹ 6 per liter.

It is believed that after the fall in the price of crude oil, the petrol diesel should have become cheaper, now it will not be the same, according to the news published in the Times of India, the government’s third relief package to deal with the damage to the economy due to health problems. In this situation, the government needs more funds, so the government wants to meet this with excise duty, that is, the government is preparing to give relief to the public from the money.

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