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Monsoon Diet: Pair Your Evening Tea With Chhole Tikki To Enjoy The Rains With Family

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Bring in the best of both health and taste with the stellar recipe of chola tikki.


  • Enjoy the rains while gorging on some nosh and nibbles with a cup of tea
  • Give an all new makeover to your monsoon platter with this stellar recipe
  • Chhole tikki is a delightful treat to both health and taste buds

There’s no better way to enjoy the rains than gorging on some nosh and nibbles with a piping hot cup of tea. If we think of tea-time snacks, ‘something fried’ is what we always want. Pakoda, samosa and aloo tikki – we keep alternating between these snacks and frankly, no matter how delicious they are, it can be boring to eat the same things again and again; only our tea should be constant. So, to bring in a fresh breath of air into our precious tea time, we discovered a unique snack – chhole tikki! Yes, a patty made with chickpeas makes for an interesting treat. If you ignore the dripping oil from thetikki, you’ll be able to see some nutritional properties it contains.

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Chhole, or chickpeas, are incredibly rich in proteins and fibre that fill you up with energy and keep your digestive system running smoothly. Chhole also possesses a certain nutty taste that will make your snacking experience more enjoyable. Have a chhole tikki with mint chutney or stuff it in to make a sandwich or burger.

Manjula Jain, a popular food vlogger shows us how to make this yummy snack through a video on her YouTube channel ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’. Watch it and do try the recipe at home to enjoy this fleeting season of monsoons.

Chhole Tikki Recipe Video –

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