News News: In JDU’s ‘Nishcha Samvad’, Nitish Kumar lashed out at the opposition, saying – we work, some people are making goods – nitish kumar targets oposition jdu nishchay samwad virtual rally says some people are misleading the people of bihar

In view of the assembly elections in Bihar, JDU has started to woo the people. JDU national president and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar addressed the people in 13 assembly constituencies on Tuesday through a virtual rally ‘Nishcha Samvad’. During this time, he has said that due to the Corona crisis, there is very little time for election preparations. But through virtual rally, efforts are being made to connect more and more people. He said that from Wednesday he himself will visit some assembly seats and communicate directly with the people.

Attacking the opposition, Nitish Kumar said, “We do, some people just talk and make goods.” He said that during his rule, liquor was banned at the request of women. Because of which some people are very angry with him. He targeted Tejashwi Yadav, saying that some people are engaged in his publicity after taking his name.

The per capita income in Bihar reached 34 thousand 483 rupees.
Referring to the work done in his government, Nitish Kumar said that today GDP has increased from 88 thousand crore in 2006-07 to 4 lakh 14 thousand 977 crore. The per capita income has reached 34 thousand 483 rupees. People talk about development but they do not know how much Bihar has developed. The whole state has grown, no one wants to set up industry here because there is no sea here, so we are working to establish industry locally.

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Lalu-Rabri government targets fiercely
Targeting Lalu-Rabri’s government, Nitish Kumar said that we have worked, what husband and wife got secret before us? What was the status of the law? People rightly say that the new generation should tell about Jungle Raj in Bihar. He said that we had said that we will establish the rule of law, will develop with justice, will develop every section and have done so. People were stunned by the work we did for the environment. In addition to the determination, water-life-greening campaign was conducted. People got support, they created a human chain. No one had reservations in the 2000 panchayati election. During our tenure, we gave reservation to everyone as soon as they came, how many people opposed it, even went to court, but how good was our rule that everyone obeyed them.

Special focus on girls’ education
Nitish Kumar said that he worked for the education of children. Earlier, less than 1 lakh 70 thousand girls used to go to school in the entire Bihar, now it has been more than 9 lakh. We have controlled the fertility rate in Bihar because of educating people. We worked for the education of girls, this time the number of girls was more than boys in matriculation examination. Worked to bring the children who were deprived of school to school. We started a cycle scheme to promote them for the education of girls, people used to make fun, but its effect is in front of you all. Made reservation for girls. Girls showing their influence started studying, started moving forward and their participation in every field has increased. We will implement it in every field even further.

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‘Made many schemes for minority, backward society’
Nitish Kumar said that those who were on edge in the society, SC / ST class, minority society, backward society have made many schemes for everyone. They have been linked to the mainstream. We have launched the entrepreneurial scheme. Loans are being given to SC / ST sections, giving grants. People take votes in the name of minorities but what is done? What did the riot in Bhagalpur do? We conducted an inquiry as soon as we came to the government, made a provision to give Rs 2500 per month to the victims.

‘Several important steps taken in the field of health’
The JDU president said what did these people previously work in the field of health? We conducted a survey in 2006 when the primary health center used to have 39 people a month. We have improved the arrangements, now around 10,000 people come in 1 month. Our students used to go out for engineering, medical studies. We made arrangements to study in the state itself. Institutes started, assisting students with credit cards. In the program that we did on September 7, we gave details of every work. The work that is left will also be completed. We worked for farmers through the agricultural road map.

‘1.5 million people placed in quarantine center in Corona crisis’
Nitish Kumar said that in Corona, we helped people financially. Gave food, but it is not our habit to campaign unnecessarily, but people keep asking if they have to question. 1.5 million people were kept in the Quarantine Center for 14 days and all were taken care of properly. 5300 rupees have been spent on each man, the amount we have arranged is not being utilized but still all the resources have been made available. The corona virus is spread worldwide. No one knows whether the infection will go up or down, down in Bihar. We have worked for it. 22 lakh people were brought via train. Arrangements were made to quarantine 15 lakh people.

We do not worry about votes, service is our religion
Nitish Kumar said that we do not worry about votes, service is our religion, we serve everyone. Our goal is to work, not to promote. Service is our religion. Referring to the development in the last 15 years, he said that Bihar’s growth rate today is in double figures. People’s lifestyle has changed. Poverty has decreased. Per capita income has increased. He said that people talk in different ways. People ask why there is no big business in Bihar..Then let us know that we have made a lot of efforts and have made many policies for the future so that our people who go out should get the facility to work here. .

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