Nitish Kumar played 'Captain Card' on the last day, understand what this means

Election campaigning for the last phase of voting is over. CM Nitish Kumar has played the Captain Card addressing the last election rally in Purnia’s Dhamdaha. We will explain to you the meaning of Captain Card before you know what Nitish Kumar said. 69-year-old Nitish Kumar faces 30-year-old Tejashwi Yadav in the fray. During the election rally, Nitish Kumar has said that this is my last election.

In fact, before Nitish Kumar, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh made this bet in the 2017 assembly elections. Capt Amarinder Singh is 78 years old. He was 75 years old at the time of election. From that perspective, Nitish Kumar is 9 years younger than the captain. The Captain did PC in January 2017 after filing his nomination. He then said that this would be my last election. I will beat Prakash Singh Badal in his house.

Bihar election: Nitish’s emotional appeal on the last day of campaigning, this is my last election

Captain had also succeeded in this bet. Amarinder Singh has managed to defeat Badal in his last election. In such a situation, this statement of Nitish Kumar is also being compared to the talk of the Captain. However, the Captain said this at the beginning of the election. But Nitish Kumar has said this after the completion of the 2 phase elections in Bihar.

Nitish Kumar’s emotional appeal, this is my last election

What has Nitish Kumar said
Nitish Kumar was addressing an election meeting for JDU Umi Leshhi Singh from Dhamdaha seat from Purnia district. During this, he said that this is the last day of the election and this is my last election. Nitish Kumar said that all is well for the end. Now tell them, they will vote. Nitish Kumar has a clear message that he has tried to garner sympathy.

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Advantage or disadvantage to nitish

Actually, Nitish Kumar has faced opposition at many places during the election rallies. During this, he has also appeared in anger. It is also discussed that he is not satisfied with the first phase report. Also, the second phase is not being compensated as expected. However, everything will be clear only after the result. In such a situation, Nitish Kumar has played Captain Card on the last day. He has also announced his retirement from politics. Voting is on 78 seats in the third phase.

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No notes found in Seemanchal
There are no contradictions in the statements of NDA leaders during the entire election in Bihar. But it has also happened a day before the announcement of Nitish’s retirement. During the rally in Seemanchal area, UP CM Yogi Adityanath had said that we will send all the intruders out of the country. While Nitish Kumar said that everybody will stay here, no one will go out.

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Will you enjoy stunning benefits?
Tejashwi Yadav, the CM candidate in the grand alliance, is already saying that Nitish Kumar is tired. At the same time, Nitish has tried to make a sentimental appeal from today’s statement that you give me the last chance. However, now Tejashwi has no chance to go and say this among the people. But he will try to take advantage of this statement through social platforms.


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