Nomination of PM Modi’s rival Nandan Modi from Hathua assembly seat has been filed. Nandan Modi is pitted against Social Welfare Minister Ramsevak Singh of Bihar government.


  • It was exciting to see Modi contesting in Gopalganj.
  • PM Modi’s rivalry is giving competition to Social Welfare Minister.
  • The nomination of PM Modi’s handgun Nandan Modi from Hathua assembly seat.

Sunita Singh, Gopalganj
On the Hathua Assembly seat of Gopalganj district of Bihar, now the face of PM Narendra Modi, Nandan Modi (PM Modi Look Like Nandan Modi) is also in the assembly elections (Bihar Election) Have gone to the polls to try their luck. Nandan Modi is like a prime minister of PM Modi, but he is not dreaming of winning the election and becoming the MLA directly but is sitting in the dream.

Yes, it is not Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of the country, but his lookalike Abhinandan Pathak alias Nandan Modi, who looks exactly like PM Modi. Abhinandan Pathak alias Nandan Modi (Abhinand Pathak) has nominated from Gopalganj one Hathua assembly seat on Wednesday. Nandan Pathak told that he has nominated from Hathua Assembly seat from the underprivileged Samaj Party. It is a fight for development. He will win the election and go to Patna and try to become the Chief Minister. After becoming Chief Minister, he will develop Bihar and will touch the feet of the people and take his blessings.

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The direct fight is Social Welfare Minister Ramsevak Singh: Nandan Modi
He said that there is going to be a fight between rich and poor in Hathua. They will fight this fight for the underprivileged society. Nandan Modi said that his direct fight is Social Welfare Minister Ramsevak Singh. Nandan Modi is originally from Saharanpur district of UP. His mother-in-law is in Savanaha village of Phulwaria block of Gopalganj, where he has got Navvarsa land in his in-laws’ house. It remains the same.

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Four times MLA from Hathua seat, Social Welfare Minister Ramsevak Singh
Let me tell you, Social Welfare Minister Ramsevak Singh has also been becoming MLA from Hathua Assembly seat for 4 times. This time he is in the fray to register a victory for the 5th time. This has been the traditional seat of JDU. Last time Mahachand Singh was second to us here. But for the first time here there is a direct competition between RJD and JDU. But this seat has become exciting now because of Modi’s handshake Nandan Modi.

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Nandan Modi who looks like PM Modi has also filed a form


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