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Not Just Kheer, Use Seviyan (Vermicelli) To Make These Unique Desserts

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  • Vermicelli or seviyan can be used to make desserts other than kheer
  • Here are some yummy desserts you can prepare with seviyan
  • Make these different yet delicious desserts with seviyan

Traditional Indian desserts are not restricted to festivals or seasons. We like to enjoy our favourite desserts all year round. Vermicelli is commonly used to make kheer (popularly called seviyan kheer) as bhog for many religious occasions. It is creamy, milky and oh-so sweet. Vermicelli strands are boiled in milk, sweetened with sugar and flavoured with spices like cardamom and dry fruits like almonds and raisins. Those soft noodle-like straps that are sweetened make this dish a true delight. Not many know that vermicelli, or seviyan, can be used to make other desserts as well. Yes, you read that right! Of course, you still love your basic seviyan kheer but changes and variations are always welcome as long as they please your sweet tooth.

Here are some yummy desserts you can prepare with seviyan that are not just plain kheer –

Kimami Sewaiyan

This dessert is usually prepared during the festival of Ramadan. Vermicelli is cooked along with milk, khoya and sugar. The kheer is then mixed with the some fried lotus seeds, almond, coconut, fox nuts, cashews and raisins. The dish is decorated with some nuts and cardamom. This vermicelli-based dessert, with an assortment of varied ingredients and spices, is a must-try.

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Kimami sewaiyan

Seviyan Ki Burfi

Surprised? You must have seen all kinds of burfi like kaju ki barfi, khoya ki barfi, badam ki barfi and so; but never seviyan ki burfi. That’s what makes it a unique treat that you must try to make at home to surprise your family. The burfi is made with roasted seviyan mixed with sugar, milk and khoya. The addition of nuts and dry fruits add deep flavours into this burfi.

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Seviyan burfi

Orange Quinoa Seviyan

The typical seviyan dessert gets a makeover with a healthful twist of orange and quinoa. Vermicelli and quinoa are cooked in almond milk, and orange juice is added to the mixture. Nuts and jaggery level up the dish with their flavours.

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Orange quinoa seviyan

Go ahead and make these different yet delicious desserts and enjoy the delicious seviyan in its different forms.

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