PM Modi broke the rules and laws, gave the benefit of crores to his industrialist friend Adani

It is often said for PM Modi that he can do anything for his industrialist friends. Even if the country suffers losses, he does not hold back from breaking the rules and twisting the rules to benefit his friends. Once again such complaints are being raised.

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PM Modi’s closeness with the Adani group is not hidden from anyone, many examples of this friendship have been seen in the last 6 years. And once again it is being said that PM Modi has benefited the Adani group. There are complaints that PM Modi has put all the rules and regulations at stake to benefit the Adani Group.

In fact, the Modi government has given the Adani Group a contract to operate and maintain 6 airports in the country. After which questions are being raised on this. CPI (CPI) MP Elamaram Kareem has written to the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), accusing the Modi government. The Modi government has violated the AAI Act 1994. Apart from this, there are other rules which the government has broken to fix this deal.

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Giving Adani Enterprises six airports in the country for 50 years is a violation of the AAI Act (AAI) 1994. In which it is clarified that no airport can be leased to any private person or corporate for more than 30 years. In the auction process, the ministry added unnecessary rules.

Due to which, the big entities operating the airport remained out of the auction process. The bid given by Adani Enterprises by the Airport Authority of India did not compare with the current per-passenger fee, so that it could be seen how much the auction bid would benefit when it was needed.

The operation and management rules were not enforced before the airport was handed over to Adani Enterprises. Which makes it mandatory to measure the operational capabilities of the bidder. All 6 highways awarded to Adani Enterprises are in the middle of the city, and there is more scope to receive tax from non-business businesses.

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Despite this, the ministry did not place any obligation. Let us know that apart from these 6 airports, other airports are also being prepared to be handed over in private hands on the same lines. In the same way, 6 airports were given to Adani. PM Modi is selling government institutions one after the other in private hands. In these dealings, he is also distorting the laws at his convenience.

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