Review: La Roca At Aerocity Is A Go-To Place For All Your Tapas Cravings

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La Roca, true to its name and concept, offers a plethora of small plates from various cuisines.


  • La Roca, true to its name and concept, offers a plethora of small plates
  • Vegetarians must try their All Mushroom Pide (Turkish Pizza)
  • La Roca has gone two steps ahead in reinventing classic cocktails

What do you usually prefer – a restaurant or a bar on a weekend? In a restaurant usually the food is the epicentre of the functional design, but in a bar, exotic drinks win the battle. But what if we told you that there is a new spot in the town that is the right balance between a fine-dine restaurant and a lively bar? We are talking about La Roca – a world tapas bar. The name which means ‘The Rock’ in Spanish is as unique as its concept. The concept of a tapas bar originated in around 16th century in Spain, wherein the constant slurry of travellers thronged the taverns in search of local sherry, and the servers would provide small quantities of food (mainly bread) to cover the drink and activate their thirst. This small plate of food was called tapas.

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La Roca

Many centuries later, the concept went through tremendous reinventions and is now springing up in some of the busiest and most lively restaurants not only in just Asia and Europe but all around the world. La Roca, true to its name and concept, offers a plethora of small plates (hot or cold) from various cuisines. Be it the carefully crafted Spicy Tuna and Tobiko Sushis or the filo pastry Turkish Pizza or the crunchy hard-shelled Tacos, or the raw papaya salad – everything is bound to leave you mesmerised with authentic flavours. Chef Akshay Bharadwaj has managed to capture authentic flavours of a wide variety of cuisines, from Japanese to Spanish in a single menu. We wonder what his kitchen preparations look like!

Our recommendations from the menu are: Vegetarians must try their All Mushroom Pide (Turkish Pizza) – it’s a Ramadan delicacy of Turkey, with lots of assorted mushrooms and cheese, scented with truffle oil. Additionally, from their small plates section, try Arancini – parmesan and broccoli Sicillian stuffed rice balls. Whereas, non-vegetarians can go for Chilli and Pepper Prawns – tempura-fried prawn bites tossed with chilli pepper-infused garlic and olive oil dressing. The prawns were served with daikon-cucumber (Japanese radish) kimchi.

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Arancini – parmesan and broccoli Sicillian stuffed rice balls


Spicy Tuna and Tobiko Sushi


Tomato and Raw Papaya Salad


All Mushroom Pide (Turkish Pizza)

La Roca also offers some large plate options. Our absolute favourite was the Himalayan Pepper-Garlic Chicken – it is butter chicken re-imagined! The chicken was perfectly marinated with timur (Himalayan pepper) and garlic, and roasted to perfection. The chicken was served with light butter chicken gravy and a naan. Lamb Shank with Polenta is another stellar dish. Lamb was stewed in Moroccan style and served with boiled cornmeal and stewed vegetables.

It is unfair to talk about tapas without talking about the drinks that forced their invention. La Roca has gone two steps ahead in inventing and reinventing some classic cocktails with modern twists. A wide and amusing variety of Sangrias definitely stood out for us – Elderflower & Basil Cooler was one of them.

Where: 6, Lower Ground Floor, Worldmark 1, Near Indira Gandhi International Airport, Aerocity, New Delhi

Price For Two: INR 2,300

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