So BJP will beat NDA in Dinara!


  • Nitish’s minister stranded in Dinara among Bihar’s hottest seats
  • BJP workers are campaigning for LJP candidate Rajendra Singh
  • Rajendra said, he has the blessings of PM Narendra Modi

Dinara, Sasaram
So is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) defeating the NDA in Dinara of Sasaram, the hottest assembly seat in Bihar? Rajendra Singh, who switched over to the LJP to join the BJP, is tapping the electoral fray from here. In front of him, minister in Nitish Kumar government Jai Kumar Singh (Jai Kumar Singh) Are in front. At the same time, Vijay Mandal from RJD is standing here. Let us know that voting is to be held on October 28 in Dinara.

Will BJP leaders defeat Nitish’s minister?
Rajendra Singh, who has been associated with the RSS and BJP for more than 37 years, joined the LJP this time. Actually, under the alliance, this seat went to JDU and from here Jai Kumar Singh, close to Nitish, stood up. The last time Jai Kumar defeated Rajendra Singh by a margin of about 3 thousand votes. But this time the air on the ground is looking slightly changed. Rajendra Singh is standing from LJP but the local BJP leaders are seen standing with him openly. In such a situation, it is difficult for NDA candidate Jai Kumar to save the seat.

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‘Rajendra Singh is BJP’
A local BJP leader took this reporter sitting on his motorcycle to Rajendra Singh’s bike rally. He said, ‘Here BJP means Rajendra Singh and Rajendra Singh means BJP. He has worked here day and night for 5 years. Even though they have been fighting the LJP symbol, all the BJP workers are standing with them.

Nitish’s minister’s difficulty increased
After local BJP leaders campaigned openly in favor of Rajendra Singh, the difficulty has increased for Jai Kumar. Although the big leaders of the BJP are definitely saying that their voters will vote for the NDA, but the situation on the ground seems to be different.

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Rajendra Singh said, the public is fighting elections
Talking to NBT, Rajendra Singh said, ‘From here he is not contesting the election but the public is contesting the election. I don’t even know how this election is being fought. Neither my money is invested nor I have to give any arrangement. Everybody is standing with me. ‘

‘I stand in the sorrow of the people’
Rajendra Singh said that he stands in the misery of the public, so the public stands with him. That will make me victorious.

Second NDA in Delhi, second NDA here
Asked if the BJP-LJP government is being formed on November 10, Rajendra Singh said on this question, “Look what will happen because it is NDA.” Second NDA in Delhi, second NDA here. There is only one NDA. PM Narendra Modi is also repeatedly talking about Ram Vilas Paswan. Now what will be made of it depends on the future.

PM’s blessing is still there – Rajendra
Rajendra Singh said that he has the blessings of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this election. Because of the kind of situation created inside the country, there has been 15 years of terrorism inside Bihar, especially on the one side under Lalu Raj. In the other state, the way only good governance was beaten. Due to this Bihar fell behind, Bihari fell behind. Ate kick-shoe. Corruption flourished. People built houses, built houses and people fell behind.

BJP, LJP is not a separate ideology
Rajendra said, “The expulsion of the BJP due to the LJP joining is a normal process and they are not sad about it.” I have nothing to say against anyone. The BJP and LJP are not separate ideologies, they both have the same job.

Rajendra Singh

Rajendra Singh


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