Sushil Modi’s biggest attack on Chirag .. Nitish’s opposition means opposition to PM Modi

Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Patna:
Obviously the leader who (Sushil Modi Interview) Has been working as a bridge between Nitish and BJP since the beginning. Especially when Chirag Paswan is strongly attacked by Nitish. For this reason, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi (Chirag Paswan)chirag paswan pm modi) Is attacked the most.

Nitish opposition means Narendra Modi opposition
Sushil Modi gave exclusive interview to Times News Network, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi (bihar chunav 2020) Is called a protest. According to Sushil Modi, ‘Chirag Paswan has tried to spread Confusion. But we have cleared about 80-90 percent of the picture. In the next two days it will be completely clear that the BJP has nothing to do with the LJP. When PM Modi himself has described Nitish Kumar as the next CM of Bihar, then Chirag’s opposition to Nitish Kumar means opposing PM Modi. (bihar election)

LJP will not be able to win even two seats on this election alone – Sushil Modi
Sushil Modi did not stop here … he attacked Bihar election I questioned the whole LJP. Sushil Modi even said in an exclusive interview to Times News Network that ‘LJP had contested 55 seats in 2015 but could win only 2 seats. In this election, the LJP will not be able to win even two seats on its own. ‘

LJP’s answer to Sushil Modi
LJP spokesperson Ashraf Ansari has taken a dig at all the statements made by Sushil Modi. According to Ashraf, ‘Thank you Sushil Modi ji for worrying us, but he should worry about his friend Nitish Kumar who is in a lot of trouble right now. I would like to thank Sushil Modi ji that he is standing with Nitish Kumar even in this difficult situation. ‘

Amit Shah said- Why can’t Chirag be with him, only he can answer this
Bihar Assembly Elections On contesting elections from the Lok Janshakti Party’s NDA in 2020, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that he can answer why Chirag is not with us. But I first pay tribute to Ram Vilas Paswan ji. He said that it is a pain and loss to leave a partner, but what can be done when there is no talk in your hand.

In an interview to a private channel, Amit Shah said that as far as the BJP-BJP-JDU-LJP alliance is concerned, both BJP and JDU get LJP a reasonable number of seats. Was offered There were several talks about seats. I personally spoke with Chirag several times. But it did not work.

LJP left NDA in Bihar
Giving the reason behind the failure of talks with Chirag Paswan about seats, Amit Shah said, “This time we have new members of the alliance, so the number of seats per party was bound to go down. JDU and BJP also have some Left seats. But this could not happen with the LJP. “

Shah further said that unilateral comments were also made, the result of which appeared to the party workers, hence making it difficult for them to stay in a camp. However, even after that we did not break the alliance, they made an official announcement to do so. ‘ On whether the LJP could return to the NDA after these elections, Shah said that “the people of Bihar understand why and for what reason the alliance was broken. We will see after the election whether the LJP joins the NDA. We are now There are opponents and will contest accordingly. ”

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