Tejashwi Yadav’s reply to Nitish on 5 issues including unemployment, crime, said- ‘Everyone cannot give government jobs’

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar held the first virtual rally on Monday for the Bihar assembly elections. During this time he counted the development work done in his government. During the entire speech, CM Nitish emphasized that his government has developed with justice. However, he has indicated in his first speech that he will continue to target RJD. In his very first speech, Nitish Kumar addressed the Lalu-Rabri government as a husband-wife government. In the first virtual rally, CM Nitish tried to respond to every attack by RJD Chief Minister candidate Tejashwi Yadav. CM Nitish Kumar acknowledged that his government failed to bring industry in Bihar. However, he also said that as an alternative, his government developed the villages of Bihar in another way.

Nitish’s answer to Tejashwi’s flood relief question
CM Nitish tried to answer the questions being raised by the opposition leaders during the flood. He said that before today, was there ever any work during the period of disaster etc. Until November passed, the government used to prepare the list. Even after that, if someone got 25 kg of grain, no one got it. The way we have worked is in front of the public. We made plans for disaster management. Decided that the government treasure is the first right of the disaster victims.

Tejashwi says – Bihar did not have industries, Nitish said – ‘Yes we failed’
CM Nitish said that Bihar’s growth rate is in double digits. Has developed more than 10 percent. It is true that we wanted to put a lot of industry in Bihar, but this could not happen. Instead, we have worked in every village, every city, there has been progress. This has led to an increase in per capita income. Hunger was not located anywhere. If an industrialist used to come and set up an industry, the people would say that there has been a big development. But now he does not come. We are people from all four sides. Major industries are located in the seaside states. We tried a lot. Even after this, we are trying that people who go to work outside get employment here.

‘Lotus’ soldiers are trapped in alliance of alliance here, now only one question, when will its day come

Tejaswi’s attack, health upset, Nitish said – ‘No comparison with husband and wife rule’
CM said that we will not tolerate neither crime, nor corruption nor communalism. Bihar ranks 23rd in terms of crime.
We emphasized on girls education to reduce fertility rate. To bring girls to school, many schemes like dress, bicycle, etc. were started.

There is no need to tell how much work was done in the sphere of health (Lalu-Rabri). What facility was there at the Primary Health Center is not hidden from anyone. At the block level, 39 patients were treated a month at the health centers. While this average has reached 10 thousand every month.

Bihar Election: RJD raised questions on Nitish Kumar’s 15-year ‘Raj’, released election song – ‘Tejaswi Bhava: Bihar’

We want women to get 35 percent seats in the state assemblies and Lok Sabha of the country. If we had it, we gave 50 percent seats to women in the municipal corporation and panchayat. Most of the women were given place in police jobs. There are not so many female policemen in the whole country.

Tejashwi says – Atrocities on Dalits are happening, Nitish said – injustice done to Dalits will give jobs
Seeing the Scheduled Castes Act, I have decided that if the people of this society suffer loss of life, then we have made a provision for them. These people of minority community take votes, but we have made provision for pension to the victims of Bhagalpur riots.

Nitish Kumar said – do not have to leave Bihar for a job, making such arrangements

Tejashwi promised 10 lakh government jobs, Nitish said – nowhere in the world is possible
CM Nitish said that nowadays some people are talking about unemployment. Does everyone get a job in government service anywhere in the world. Is it possible? That’s why people will say be alert. We have decided under 7 determination two that no one here has to go out, but if someone wants to go voluntarily, then there is no hindrance. Next time we will get irrigation water to every field. All will install solar street lights in the village.

Bihar Election: The villagers who went to ask for votes in the dark, surrounded the villagers and asked for the account of work, said – we remember when the election came

Nitish’s injury on familyism
Taking a dig at RJD, CM Nitish said that he wants to divide the society and we want to unite. Some people are causing many kinds of confusion. We are the doers, some people are the speakers. For some people, husband and wife, son and daughter are the only family, but for us the whole Bihar is family. Some people are advocates of private familyism, there is a need to be vigilant. CM Nitish said that the new generation does not know what was the situation 15 years ago, so we will say that the aged people should make the youth aware of the truth of that time.


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