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This Hearty Potato and Corn Soup Spells Monsoon In A Bowl (Recipe Inside) 

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Monsoon, may take a toll on your immunity system.


  • Monsoons tend to fuel our craving for warm treats
  • Soups could be fortifying and nutritious
  • Soups give you enough room to experiment

The scorching heat is a thing of past. The slight nip in the air is making us tend towards all things warm and cosy. In our opinion, there is nothing better than curling up with a bowl of hot soup and see rain drops fall on your window panes. In addition to their soothing flavours, soups also help ensure a steady inflow of nutrients and fortify your body against the season of infections. If you ask any nutritionist or doctor, they would recommend you to take a lot of soups. First of all, they are warm, so if you are suffering from cold or a flu, soups would help ease congestion and even de-clog nose. Secondly, the fluid content of soups, not only ensures that you are well-hydrated but also helps flush out toxins from your system. The best part about soups, for us, is the room it provides for experimentation. You can dunk in any veggie or herb of your choice to this hearty mix and end up with something soothing. 

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Monsoon season may take a toll on your immunity system. Not all bodies are able to adapt to the shift in season so well, which is why you are hearing so many instances of cold, cough and flu. But should you dread the season already? Not necessarily. You get plenty of fruits and vegetables that are signature only to this season. Seasonal fruits and veggies are teeming with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, which could amp up your immunity levels naturally. In addition to that, they are also loaded with innumerable health benefits.

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Monsoon diet: Not all bodies are able to adapt to the shift in season so well,

Think monsoons, and you are bound to think of corns at some point. This is the time when you’d love to munch on roasted corn on the cobs or bhuttas. With a dash of lemon and chaat masala, it becomes even more lip-smacking. But what if we tell you there are many more ways in which you can use corn in your monsoon preparations!  This potato and corn soup is ideal for your nippy monsoon cravings. It is delicious, flavourful and oh-so soothing! The potatoes used here give the soup a rich texture, while the herbs and spices make the soup a tantalising affair. Try it yourself and let us know how you liked it! 

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