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Vegetarian Diet: All You Need To Know About Vegetarianism

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Vegetarian diet is becoming popular across the world today. In India, vegetarian food is a predominant trend for decades. Vegetarianism is a choice for millions in our country and scientific facts have established the health benefits associated with it. Ingredients of a vegetarian meal are linked to protection against heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, and hypertension among others.

Vegetarian diets are of various types; lacto vegetarian diet includes milk and milk products, ovo vegetarian includes eggs and omits dairy, lacto ovo vegetarian includes both dairy and egg, and vegan diet excludes everything except plant-based foods.

Vegetarian diets are of various types

Nutritionally vegetarian diets are adequate for providing good nutrition. Eating seasonal, locally-grown food and grains, vegetables, fruits or oils will ensure prevention of deficiencies. Vegetarians just need to keep in mind that a few nutrients like iron, vitamin D, vitamin B12 are deficient in plant-based foods. Omega-3, though present in the form of ALA in walnuts, chia seeds etc., is not the active form used by our body. DHA and EPA, the active forms are not available in plant-based foods and the conversion is very poor. Supplements for any one of these are to be taken only under medical advice.

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