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Viral Picture of Chai ice cream with sugary parantha has got mixed reactions.


  • Chai is a drink which has a huge fan following across India
  • A Twitter user created an interesting Chai Ice Cream
  • Netizens were divided over the unique combination

The widely popular Chai is a drink that Indians love to pair with a number of dishes. Some like a Samosa to go with their favourite cup of tea, others prefer a Khaman Dhokla along with it. Chai Parantha is also one combination that people adore. Chai-lovers were in for an intriguing surprise when their favourite food combination was reinvented. A Twitter user took to the micro-blogging platform to share his own take on the much-loved combination of ‘Chai Parantha’. Take a look at the pictures he shared:

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The pictures were shared by Twitter user Owais Siddiqui. He created an interesting version of the classic combination of Chai Parantha. Rather than consuming the beverage along with the bread, he converted the bread into a sugary treat and paired it with chai-flavoured ice-cream. “Chai Paratha reimagined,” was what Siddiqui titled his creation as.

The innovative dish took Twitter by storm, amassing over 3k likes and nearly 2k retweets. Netizens were divided over the fusion food. While some users were interested to know how it tasted, others did not find the combination appealing. Take a look at the reactions:

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However the combination turned out to taste, we have to give the user full marks for creativity! Would you like to try the Chai ice cream with a sugar parantha? Tell us in the comments below about your thoughts.

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