Samyuktha Bigg Boss 4 Tamil

The fourth season of Bigg Boss got off to a great start on Sunday 4th October 2020. Like the last three years, Kamal Haasan is hosting the fourth season. He has welcomed a total of 16 contestants and sent them to Bigg Boss house. Many celebrities who have appeared in various shows on Vijay TV have come as contestants. And some from the modeling industry have come up as contestants.

As always, a new information is spreading that many more celebrities are expected to come as a wild card entry this year. Celebrity presenter VJ Archana is said to be coming into the Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry.

Archana seems to have pulled out at the last minute as it was already rumored that she would be one of the 16 contestants at the start. It was said that Archana could not go to Bigg Boss just because those TV shows would be affected as she was working as a presenter on another channel.

Her last-minute departure came as a big disappointment to fans who had been expecting so much that she was coming. The news that she is going to become a wild card entry has made them excited.

However the news that she is going to become a wild card entry as well as the list of proposed contestants that has been circulating before about Bigg Boss is something to confirm, it remains to be seen depending on when she is going to come.

It is noteworthy that Archan has hosted many tv shows on Zee 5 channel. All the fans were waiting for Archana to come to Bigg Boss for sure. But it is worth noting that on the opening day of the Bigg Boss 4 show she posted a photo of herself traveling outside with her family. That’s when it became clear that she wasn’t coming to Bigg Boss 4. It is noteworthy that Archana was in talks with the TV channel where she works. As it turns out she is currently about to enter the Bigg Boss 4 house as the first wild card entry.

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