Watch: Ever Heard Of Bhindi Wala Meat? Try This Unique Mutton Recipe At Home (Recipe Video Inside)


Give your regular mutton curry a delightful twist with this super easy recipe.


  • Bhindiwala meat is a mutton dish that you might have never tried before
  • The addition of fried bhindi adds a little crunch to the dish
  • Prepare this mutton on special occasions at home to surprise your guests

Succulent, flavoursome and tender, mutton is all this and more! Mutton is a strong-flavoured meat that needs to be well-marinated and cooked to bring out the best of its unique flavours. Mutton is a popular food across the Indian sub-continent with prominence in Rajasthani, Kashmiri, Lucknowi, Nizami and Mughlai cuisine. If we map the Indian cuisine and its history, mutton has been a firm-favourite food since ancient times, especially in the royal kitchens. From succulent kebabs of Lucknow to laal maas of Rajasthan, to rogan josh of Kashmir, and to biryanis from the south, mutton has been an intrinsic part of the Indian culinary diaspora.

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With time, there has been many interesting experiments with the juicy mutton. But here we have a mouth-watering amalgamation of mutton that will leave you asking for more. Bhindiwala meat is a mutton preparation that you might have never tried before, but it is a perfect dish to make for any special occasions. Mutton chunks sautéed in oil with salt, chili, coriander powder, tomatoes and garam masala, and cooked in pressure cooker. It is further cooked after adding fried bhindi, mixed and served piping hot with rice or roti. The addition of fried bhindi adds a little crunch to the dish, giving the mutton a unique twist.

Prepare this on special occasions at home to surprise your guests with a unique and flavorful mutton dish. Here’s the tempting recipe of bhindiwala meat from NDTV Food’s Youtube Channel. For more amazing recipes, kitchen hacks and trivia subscribe to NDTV Food’s YouTube channel.

Watch: Bhindiwala Meat To Try At Home

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