Watch: How To Make Halwai-Style Paneer Malpua At Home (Recipe Video)



  • Winters are the time to indulge in warm Indian desserts
  • Malpuas are warm winter delights that can be made at home easily
  • Here is a recipe of paneer malpua that you can try at home

There is something about Indian desserts that make us go weak in the knees every time there’s a mention of one. And can we even complain? The choices are enough to spoil us. Be it a festival, a celebration or just a get-together, there is always an Indian dessert to celebrate it all. And if that’s not enough we have our cravings that never leave us! From decadent rasgullas to creamy barfis or warm halwas in winters, there is simply so much that you just can’t resist.

Winters are here and so are the cravings for aromatic halwas and pinnis. Malpua is another such winter treat that we can never say no to. An Indian pancake-like dessert, malpuas are made of rice flour in oodles of ghee and sugar syrup. Malpua has been a festive staple since ages in Indian households and is one of the most popular winter desserts in various parts of the country. While traditional malpua recipe only consists of flour and thickened milk which is fried in ghee, there are many variations of malpuas that you can prepare, from paneer, ragi, mawa to rabri malpua.

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Here we have a quick and delicious paneer malpua recipe that you can prepare at home. In the recipe, malai paneer, khoya and milk are ground together for a thick and creamy mixture and then whipped well with sugar, cardamom powder and maida into a thick batter. It is then deep fried in to multiple malpuas in ghee, dipped into fresh sugar syrup made of sugar, saffron, cardamom and dry fruits. Malpuas are served hot and you can even top it with rabri or malai. It is a perfect festive treat to relish with your family.

Watch: Paneer Malpua To Try At Home


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