Watch: Make Saffron Baked Eggless Yogurt Pots To Avoid High-Cal Desserts (Recipe Video)

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  • Yogurt works miraculously to promote weight loss
  • Probiotics in yogurt boost metabolism
  • Saffron has several health benefits

Yogurt, or as we call curd or dahi, is undoubtedly a super food! From its high nutrient content to its varied use, yogurt is a food that one cannot ignore. Yogurt contains nearly every nutrient that a human body needs- calcium, vitamin B, D, protein, potassium, phosphorus etc. Probiotics in yogurt boost metabolism and reduce the symptoms of bloating, constipation and some other common gastrointestinal disorders. Probiotics are also known to strengthen the immune system. Yogurt works miraculously to promote weight loss. The high amount of protein content in yogurt makes it filling, which leads to overall weight management.

Other than its use as an ingredient to cook various foods, yogurt works as an excellent alternative to ice-cream and other calorie-rich desserts. Today, we are sharing with you a recipe video by Deeba Rajpal from her YouTube channel ‘PassionateAboutBaking, which may work as an excellent substitute to satisfy your ice-cream cravings. She has named the dessert as ‘Saffron Baked Eggless Yogurt Pots’.

Alongside the goodness of yogurt, the dessert has saffron as a key ingredient, which also provides several health benefits. From improving mood swings to reducing PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) symptoms to promoting weight loss, saffron is a hidden gem of India. For this dessert, she has used ingredients like yogurt, condensed milk, cream, saffron and some fruits and flowers for garnishing. You can replace the fruits she has shown in the video with the seasonal ones or the fruits of your choice. Watch the recipe video here for detailed baking instructions.

Watch: Saffron Baked Eggless Yogurt Recipe Video:

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