Watch: This One-Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie Is The Easiest Way To Make Cookies!


  • Chocolate chip cookies are adored by a wide gamut of people
  • Chocolate chips are easily available now
  • Chocolate chip cookies can be easily made at home too

We do not need a reason to chomp on our favourite choco-chip cookies. But since most of us have to resort to store-bought cookies, we try to limit our intake, for you can never be fully sure of the ingredients used, and the impact it can have on your health. But what if we tell you that you could not only be making these cookies at home, but do so in half the time you would take to go to the market and purchase one. Intriguing, right? We just stumbled upon a recipe that is ideal for untimely cravings.

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In this recipe (posted by Mumbai-based YouTuber Alpa) all you have to do is to combine common ingredients like maida, chocolate chips or chocolate chunks, sugar powder, melted butter, milk, salt, baking soda, vanilla essence(optional). Mix everything in, you may want to mix dry and wet ingredients separately and combine the two. Once everything is mixed well and the dough is ready, add some choco-chunks on the top and mix it again, and now using your hands, make any cookie shape of your choice.  

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Now, put this giant cookie in the microwave for one minute and you are done! Since power consumption of every microwave is different, the time required to make the cookie may differ by 15-20 seconds here and there. Once these cookies are done, take it out , dunk it in a glassful of milk and enjoy. You can enjoy it as it is as well.  


Watch: One-Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Video:

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