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Weight Loss: This High Protein, Fibre-Rich Salad May Help You Shed Kilos

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  • Salads are one of the most popular weight loss foods
  • Most salads are infamous for their bland taste
  • However, some salads are a perfect combo of taste and health

Most dieters are in constant quest of foods and drinks that could help to shed extra kilos and maintain a healthy dietary pattern. What you eat contributes majorly in structuring your health. Hence, it is imperative to consume nutrient-dense foods in order to lose extra kilos and to gain back body strength. Salads are one of the most popular weight loss foods among dieters as they are low in calories and known to aid weight loss. However, most salads are infamous for their bland taste and unappetising appearance.

But wait, not all salads bear the same reputation; some are healthy and tasty too. Yes, you read that right! We have got you an interesting recipe of green bean salad with eggs that may help you in your weight loss journey as it comes packed with the goodness of protein and fibre. Both protein and fibre are known to play a crucial role in aiding healthy weight loss. Protein induces a feeling of satiety, which further prevents you from bingeing on fattening foods while fibre adds bulk to the stool that helps facilitate smooth digestion, which is further promotes weight loss.

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Green beans are loaded with dietary fibres

The two prime ingredients used in this salad are green beans and eggs. Green beans are replete with essential vitamins and minerals and provide with essential dietary fibres; whereas, eggs are protein-dense and help in keeping you full for a longer spell. What makes this salad different from the others is its dressing that is not at all fattening. The recipe uses olive oil, which is known to be a much healthier alternative than other oils and fat-laden dressings like mayonnaise. Though, the recipe also makes use of little butter.

To add in an extra crunch, the recipe uses breadcrumbs as well; you may alter its quantity as per your preference. This healthy salad recipe can also come to your rescue in times when sudden guests come over and you’re pressed for time. Serve them this healthy delight till you prepare something exotic for them. You may prepare this salad in advance and then chill it in the refrigerator until needed.

So the next time someone tells you how boring salads are, introduce them to this tasty salad recipe garner in all the appreciation.

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