Weight Loss Tips: 4 Smart Ways Of Consuming Eggs That Will Boost Your Diet

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  • Eggs are loaded with proteins and many other nutrients including fats
  • Eggs eaten in some particular ways can help burn fat faster
  • These genius tricks will tell you how to eat your eggs for weight loss

Proteins are an indispensable part of any weight loss diet. This power-packed nutrient provides us the energy to cope with the strenuous workouts and helps keep our body satiated to avoid binge eating. Egg white is 90% water and 10% pure protein like albumin, mucoproteins and globulins. Eggs also help in boosting body’s metabolism, which plays a crucial role in facilitating weight loss. However, due to its reasonable fat content (primarily because of egg yolk), many people avoid eggs entirely or use it with discretion. It is true that yolks contain fat but these are healthy monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fats, which are not too harmful.

Given the ambiguous status of eggs when it comes to its effect on weight loss, nutritionists suggest that if you consume eggs in some particular ways, it will have only positive outcomes on your health and fitness.

Here are four genius ways of eating eggs that can boost your weight loss process –

1. Have Eggs In The Morning –

Since eggs are loaded with proteins and many other nutrients, it is best to have them for breakfast when the digestion system is running at its best. Eggs will fuel your body with energy for the rest of the day and will also keep you satiated.

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Eggs are best had for breakfast

2. Add Eggs To Other Meals

Instead of over-indulging in eggs, you can add it to your other healthy meals. Stuff omelette or poached eggs in sandwiches made of multigrain or whole-wheat bread. You can also top your favourite meals like oatmeal and poha with sunny side up eggs.

3.  Bake The Eggs

If you want to avoid using butter or oil to cook eggs in an attempt to avoid extra fat, then the best way to cook them is by baking them. Not only baked eggs are non-oily and low-fat, they also taste amazing with a peculiar smoky flavour.

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Weight Loss: Eggs are the best source of protein

4. Add Healthy Foods

If you love to start your day with eggs only, then you should consider adding green leafy veggies, nuts and seeds to your egg-based meals. Make omelette, frittata or egg salad with other healthful foods to gain a wide range of nutrients from eggs and rest of the foods.

Follow these smart tips to obtain maximum benefits from this superfood – eggs –  and lose weight effectively.

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